‘Upset Over Accidents, Started Tying Reflective Collars on Strays’

Since these collars shine at night, drives can spot the animals from a far distance and we can avoid accidents.

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Video Editor: Deepthi Ramdas
Video Producer: Maaz Hasan

Coronavirus and the resulting lockdown has had its effects not only on the way humans used to live but also on the behaviour of animals, especially strays. I came across several news reports of animals taking over the streets when humans choose to stay indoors.

And now, while humans are adjusting to the new normal, and vehicles are back on the roads, strays who’d make roads their home are finding it difficult to cope. In the six months of lockdown, these strays developed a habit of playing and sleeping on the road when no one was around.

Being an animal lover, it is very difficult for me to accept that strays are run over by speeding vehicles casually. I wanted to do something about this.

Looking for a possible solution to avoid collisions, I came across these reflective collar bands that shine in the dark. Several parents used to tie these bands around the neck of their pets.

I realised that these reflective collars would be helpful in avoiding accidents as drivers would be able to spot the shining band from a far distance.

Ever since the lockdown, I have tied over 1,000 reflective bands around the neck of the stray animals in Delhi.

Support from animal lovers was a massive boost for me. When I started doing this, I used to post regularly on my Instagram page about the kind of work I was doing and the need for more and more support. I needed help in the form of donations. People were generous and kind, eager to help animals during the pandemic. I was able to buy food and reflective collars with all the donations.

‘Oscar’ Changed Everything

My love for animals goes back to the days when I was just 8 years old and my parents got me Oscar. He was not only my dog, but he was my family. His loyalty and pure love for me was my inspiration to help other animals as well. This is why I am studying veterinary sciences as well.

My day begins by feeding stray cats and dogs in my locality. When I see an injured animal, I make sure to give them aid in whichever way possible.

While I am doing my bit to help these speechless creatures, I would request everyone to try to help as many strays as you can. Feed them, tie these reflecting collars around their neck, do whatever you can do to help these souls out there.

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