The DTC needs to procure  more buses to meet the capital’s transport requirements. 
The DTC needs to procure more buses to meet the capital’s transport requirements. (Photo Courtesy: DTC buses confessions)
  • 1. Why Does Delhi Need More Buses?
  • 2. What Kind of Buses Does Delhi Need?
  • 3. When Will Delhi Expand Its Bus Fleet?
  • 4. Are Electric Buses a Solution to Pollution?
  • 5. Will Bus Fares Go Up?
Can Buying More Public Buses Help Improve Air Quality in Delhi?

The Delhi High Court has directed the Arvind Kejriwal government to deploy another 2,000 buses running on clean fuel (CNG or electric) as soon as possible. In 1998, the Supreme Court asked the Delhi government to increase the number of buses on the roads from 5,000 to 10,000.

  • 1. Why Does Delhi Need More Buses?

    Delhi desperately needs a better public transport system. Sure, it has an ever-expanding metro-rail network which ferries about 2.7 million passengers every day. But this is not enough for its population of 25 million (and counting). While the metro serves fixed routes, it is the Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC) buses that cater to most interior places to ensure last-mile connectivity.

    The problem: There aren’t enough buses. Delhi has only 5,594 buses in its fleet – a combination of low-floor buses, semi-low floor buses and regular buses built on truck chassis frames. Of these, only 4,000 are owned by the DTC, while the remaining are operated under a leasing scheme from private players.

    After smog wreaked havoc in north India this year, the Delhi government was ordered to procure buses on a war footing in a bid to discourage people from using private transport. Delhi needs at least 11,000 buses to handle its transport needs.


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