Bigg Boss Tamil 3: A Tamil ‘Diaspora’ Season

Bigg Boss Tamil Season 3 begins. Kamal Haasan returns. Stay tuned for live updates.

Updated23 Jun 2019, 06:55 PM IST
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Bigg Boss Tamil 3 Kicks Off With a Difference

Bigg Boss Tamil 3 kicks off on Star Vijay, and Kamal Haasan returns to host the reality show that has changed the fortunes of Vijay TV in Tamil Nadu. With rising viewership over season one and two, Bigg Boss Tamil season 3 is expected to grow bigger.

This season’s contestants have more familiar faces than the previous season. It also has two Sri Lankan contestants and one Malaysian Tamil contestant. This makes it the first Bigg Boss show that’s both regional and international at the same time.

What shenanigans the contestants throw in the coming weeks, is yet to be seen. Stay tuned for regular updates.

6:19 PM, 23 Jun

Anchor Reshma Pasupuleti Enters Next

Reshma Pasupulesti
Reshma Pasupulesti
(Photo: Behindtalkies)

Reshma, who was an air hostess moved onto to anchoring television shows. In 2012 she interviewed Kamal Haasan for his film Vishwaroopam. She’s one of the last contestants to enter this season.

6:04 PM, 23 Jun

Malaysian Singer Mugen Joins the Bigg Boss Tamil Family

Mugen Rao
Mugen Rao
(Photo: astroulagam)

Mugen Rao is a Malaysian actor and singer. This is his first visit to India and to Tamil Nadu. In addition to the two Sri Lankan Tamils, Mugen is the third member of the diaspora from outside Tamil Nadu.

He opened with a song he composed. Kamal Haasan mentioned in passing that this season’s Bigg Boss looks to Tamils from across the world.

5:45 PM, 23 Jun

Dance Master Sandy Joins the Fray

Sandy Master, dance choreographer.
Sandy Master, dance choreographer.
(Photo: Newsbuz)

Sandy was one of the choreographers for the Rajinikanth starrer Kaala. He shot to fame as a contestant in Maanada Mayilada (dance reality show), and is currently the judge for Nadana Rajaz (another dance show).

Known for weaving former Bigg Boss contestants into his comic dance skits, Sandy’s entry is seen as poetic justice.

5:35 PM, 23 Jun

Tharshan Thyagaraja, Sri Lankan Model Joins the Family

Tharshan Thyagaraja.
Tharshan Thyagaraja.
(Photo: BehindTalkies)

Tharshan Thyagaraja is the second Sri Lankan to enter the Bigg Boss House. In a sense, it feels that the show is making some sort of statement by including Tamils from across the border.

Tharshan is a model and an aspiring actor. He was one of the models for ‘Nandu’ brand lungies and is awaiting the release of two films this year.

5:22 PM, 23 Jun

Mohan Vaidya is the Non-Cinema Celebrity

Mohan Vaidhya is a singer, violinist and actor. He was one of the two contestants who whose name came up in the grape vine along with Madhumita, a few days ago. Mohan Vaidhya is the brother of veena exponent Rajhesh Vaidhya.

He intends to stick on for the stipulated 100 days in the house.

5:03 PM, 23 Jun

Sherin Shringar is This Year's 'Vamp'

Sherin Shringar.
Sherin Shringar.
(Photo: cinestan)

As is typical to the Bigg Boss House, a stereotypical vamp (at least from the movies) is part of the 11 member family. This season, Sherin Shringar fits the bill. A model turned actor, Sherin has featured in a number of films in Tamil, Kannada and Malayalam.

4:50 PM, 23 Jun

Director Cheran in In!

Film maker Cheran.
Film maker Cheran.
(Photo: cinestan)

Cheran, who writes, directs and acts in his own films, is by far the biggest star contestant this season. A national award winning director, Cheran shot to instant fame with his Autograph (2014), a movie about memories, past loves and losses that spawned a genre in Tamil cinema.

With Cheran’s entry into the house, Bigg Boss Tamil 3 now has two newsreaders, a director and four actors.

4:30 PM, 23 Jun

Star Child Vanitha Enters Bigg Boss House

Vanitha Vijaykumar
Vanitha Vijaykumar
(Photo: goprofile)

Vanitha is yesteryear character actor Vijaykumar’s daughter. After a brief stint in Tamil cinema, Vanitha disappeared from the limelight, until today, where she enters the Bigg Boss House.

She was also embroiled in controversy, where she had a rather widely publicised tiff with her father. She is the first contestant who belongs to the industry generationally.

4:12 PM, 23 Jun

Saravanan Adds Rural Flavour to the Bigg Boss House

Actor Saravanan
Actor Saravanan
(Photo: IMDB)

Saravanan, who acted in over 25 films in the 90s in the lead role, relegated himself to character roles after a point. His complexion and the fact that he’s almost a doppelganger of actor Vijaykanth, earned him a number of rural themed Tamil films. His role as Inspector Guru in Nayanthara’s 2018 hit Kolamavu Kokila brought him back to the limelight.

Bigg Boss Tamil 3 marks his first foray into television.

3:57 PM, 23 Jun

Ad Film Actor Abhirami Iyer is Contestant No 6

Abhirami Vekatachalam
Abhirami Vekatachalam
(Photo: newsbugz)

Abhirami Venkatachalam is a familiar face in Tamil TV advertisements, from masalas to toothbrushes. She’s also Miss South India 2017. The remake of Amitabh Bacchan starrer ‘Pink’ is set to release on August 15th. Titled ‘Nerkonda Parvai’, Abhirami plays Kirti Kulhari’s role in the film, which stars Ajith Kumar in Amitabh’s role.

3:46 PM, 23 Jun

B'Day Boy Kavin Enters the House

Actor Kavin.
Actor Kavin.
(Photo: Twitter / actor_Kavin)

Kavin, a Tamil actor (TV and cinema) is the first male to enter the Bigg Boss House. He was practically raised by the Vijay network, as he kicked off his TV career with a television soap produced by them. He then went on to star in prime time soaps (saravanan meenakshi), host dance shows (Kings of Dance 2) and finally his own movie (Natpunna Ennanu Theriyuma).

From Trichy, Kavin was approached for the second season of Bigg Boss Tamil, but had refused, due to prior commitments.

3:37 PM, 23 Jun

Madhumitha is This Season's Bigg Boss Comedian

Madhumitha, comedy actor.
Madhumitha, comedy actor.
(Photo: newsbugz)

Madhumitha is a comedy actress who grew to be a household name through the ‘lollu sabha’ series on television, after which she went big on Tamil cinema.

Her role as ‘jangiri’ in the film OkOk made her famous on the silver screen. She professes to be a serious actor who’s waiting for a chance to do something other than comedy.

The Bigg Boss House is yet to see the first male contestant.

3:18 PM, 23 Jun

Actor Sakshi Agarwal is Contestant No 3

Sakshi Agarwal.
Sakshi Agarwal.
(Photo: prokerala)

Sakshi Agarwal, who came to the limelight in Tamil cinema with her role in Kaala, is contestant no 3. She’s an MBA gold medalist and a topper in Engineering, from Loyola college.

A self proclaimed straight-talker, she believes she’s going to show her emotions and say it as it is, and intends to have fun in the house.

3:14 PM, 23 Jun

Sri Lankan Newsreader Losliya is Contestant No 2

Losliya Marianesan
Losliya Marianesan
(Photo: Picfeed)

Losliya Marianesan, a newsreader from Sri Lanka is contestant no 2. She’s little known in Tamil Nadu, but is a celebrity in Sri Lanka. With her entry, Bigg Boss House now has two news readers.

Kamal Haasan presented her a medal (with her name inscribed in it), saying she could keep it if she won.

2:52 PM, 23 Jun

Former News Reader and Actor Fathima Babu is First Contestant

Fathima Babu. Bigg Boss Tamil 3’s first contestant.
Fathima Babu. Bigg Boss Tamil 3’s first contestant.
(Photo Courtesy: Charmboard)

Known for her long foray in Doordarshan as a newsreader in Tamil, Fathima Babu was in for a surprise as Kamal Haasan welcomed her from inside the confession room, into the Bigg Boss House.

Fathima Babu is also a veteran of Tamil cinema, having donned a number of character roles across almost two decades.

2:44 PM, 23 Jun

Kamal Haasan Shows You Around the Bigg Boss House

Kamal Haasan begins the show from his own home, as he takes the viewers on a tour across time and through the different rooms, telling stories of how he grew up, and of the many awards, accolades and opportunities that came his way.

Like he did last season, and the one before that, he’s now taking the audience on a tour across the Bigg Boss House.

Check out the house in pics right here:

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Published: 23 Jun 2019, 02:55 PM IST

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