Rishi Kapoor, Let’s Talk About the Taste Of Your Hillary Tweet

Rishi Kapoor’s tweet about Hillary Clinton is as low as it gets on social media. Even KRK can’t compete with that.

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Damn right! Rishi Kapoor needs to start watching what he says on social media. (Photo: a still from <i>Khel Khel Mein</i>)&nbsp;

Dear Chintu Ji,

You seem to be having a blast on social media and that’s all cool. But you’re inching dangerously close to Kamaal R Khan’s territory of bad humour, needless cussing and downright tasteless misogyny. Sure I can delete you, so can the rest of your fans, it wouldn’t take more than a click. But then, where will that leave you? So let’s not pretend that you’re not on Twitter for a reason, that is seeking validation for your intelligence and humour.

You know what else comes really easily to others like you who thrive on really low humour? Well, try replacing Hillary Clinton in the tweet below with your wife. Guess you wouldn’t be laughing then, huh?

You’re a legend, an icon, and hence what you say on social media matters. Don’t take that the wrong way. No, we don’t expect you to sound intelligent and classy all the time, that’s hard for most celebrities to pull off. But those who’ve loved you on screen would like to do that off it as well.

Sure, you don’t have to care. But sadly, you do, every celebrity does. There’s nothing wrong with that but ironically that’s how fan following works. You know how it is, don’t you?

Besides, it is the easiest thing to garb misogyny with a joke. You do it pretty well actually. But you seem confused about the meaning of ‘freedom of expression’. If you had indeed joked about Hillary, like you cracked yourself up with that Trump joke, we would have been laughing with you. But would your wife and daughter laugh about this picture of Hillary suggestively giving her husband a blow job?

We’re being judgemental and moralistic because those are not bad things. All you’re doing really is abusing your own prerogative to comment. We as an audience understand clutter and crap a little better than you. I’m not crying myself hoarse for the disrespect you’ve shown to Hillary Clinton. But as a woman I’m no longer a fan.

Again, why should you care? I’m a nobody. But so are the rest of your trolls and your fans. And your justifications, that trail in limply much after you’re done wreaking havoc to your own image, doesn’t make you or your forum a fun one to begin with.

What you should really be thinking about is the taste that your comments are leaving in our mouths. I can’t match your sexist jokes, but I’ll try with this piece of advice- you would’ve got quite a few ROFLs had you cracked this Hillary joke with your bunch of boys, who giggle around you all the time. I don’t even know them, but I’m sure they think the world of your sense of humour.

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