‘Dear Maya’ Review: Manisha Koirala’s Grace Makes It Worth a Watch

‘Dear Maya’ Review: Manisha Koirala’s Grace Makes It Worth a Watch

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Long before ROFL, LMAO, FOMO, LOL and ASAP, there was ILU. It means I LOVE YOU and was taught to us by none other than Manisha Koirala. Well this gorgeous actress with a smile which can melt butter is back with this week’s release Dear Maya.

Directed by Sunaina Bhatnagar, who has also written the story, it is a poignant little film about life and what to do with the lemons that it gives us. Complexities about love, rejection, hope and loneliness are dealt deftly with innocence and sincerity which luxuriates the narrative even more.

Maya Devi is a surly, unsmiling woman who drapes herself in dull black and lives a miserable life in a huge but dilapidated old bungalow in Shimla. Two friends with the best of intentions at heart feel that what she needs is probably love and decide to pen down flowery love letters to her, masquerading as her suitor.

The letters slowly weave magic and Maya Devi 's life seems precariously poised for change. But will it be for the better? For that one must watch the film which I most definitely recommend.

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Dear Maya isn't flawless. At times the indulgent pace seems a little too slow for comfort and the dialogues a little too literal. But it’s the performance of Manisha Koirala and the two newcomers that keep us hooked.

Manisha Koirala has always been a phenomenal actress but the ease with which she lets the camera capture her laugh lines and wrinkles adds to the beauty of her performance. Madiha Imam and Shreya Chaudhry are surprisingly accomplished first-time actors.

Their transition from giggly teenagers to young adults trying to grapple with life is both endearing and relatable.

3.5/5 Quints.

Go for it for the love of Manisha Koirala!

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