Streisand Effect: How Nihalani Got ‘Udta Punjab’ Free Publicity

Pahlaj Nihalani did some real good for Udta Punjab’s publicity. All for free.

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Udta Punjab is all set to release. (Photo Courtesy: YouTube screenshot)

Finally Udta Punjab has been released from the Censor Board’s ‘pinjra’ with an ‘A’ certificate and a single cut. In the entire fracas that ensued from the time the CBFC proposed a whopping 89 cuts to the film to now, Pahlaj Nihalani, our self-proclaimed moral guardian, became an inevitable victim of the Streisand Effect, whereby, an attempt to suppress something results in publicising it even more. *Facepalm*

Basically, the Censor Board chief appropriated the Streisand Effect into the Pahlaj.

Sir, chidiya, sorry, Punjab ud gaya...

Muft Ki Publicity

(Gif Courtesy: <b>The Quint</b>)
(Gif Courtesy: The Quint)

We live in a time of over-promoting films with billboards, teasers, trailers, songs, events and appearances on soap operas. Now imagine all this being done for free! And while you do all that imagining, let us tell you that for Anurag Kashyap, it’s happened already.

Udta Punjab has dominated headlines for quite some time. It has also been discussed on prime-time slots. Anything related to the film was extensively shared on social media. All this without a penny spent from the producer’s pocket.

Udta Punjab definitely ‘scored’ with this controversy!

Udta Success!

(Gif Courtesy: <b>The Quint</b>)
(Gif Courtesy: The Quint)

This ‘offending’ film could very well have had a modest opening. But now, thanks to the explosive comments and aggressive opposition it received over the past two weeks, it’s set for a huge opening and Patiala peg celebrations for the Udta Punjab team. Hic hic hurray!

Pahlaj Effect!

(Gif Courtesy: <b>The Quint</b>)
(Gif Courtesy: The Quint)

Have you heard about Udta Punjab?

Duh! Who hasn’t?

Censor sahab, you tried to keep the country’s ‘pure and pious’ away from Udta Punjab. But sorry to say ji, you’ve got the country hooked on to it even more.

Those who’ve been living in their own cocoons are also now aware of the severity of Punjab’s drug epidemic.

We are loving the Pahlaj Effect. Danke!

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