Ranveer Asks for Mobile Number, Nagpur Police Responds
Ranveer Singh makes a style statement yet again.
Ranveer Singh makes a style statement yet again.(Photo Courtesy: Instagram)

Ranveer Asks for Mobile Number, Nagpur Police Responds

Ranveer Singh (and his extravagant style statement) strikes again. His latest look has all his fans in awe. The Gully Boy actor recently took to Instagram to share a bunch of photos from his latest photoshoot for Vogue magazine. But not just that, Ranveer has gone out of his way to come up with appropriate, witty and hilarious captions for his photos. So much so that the official Twitter account of Nagpur Police responded to one of his photos.

In one of the photos posted by Ranveer, the actor is dressed in white high-waisted pants and shirt with a grey stole around his neck. Ranveer has a red dial-up phone in his hand and he’s posing with it.

The caption is a throwback to an old Bollywood song. It reads, “ Whattis mobile number? Whattis your smile number? Whattis your style number? करूँ क्या dial number?”

Now, here’s what Nagpur Police had to say about it. The official Twitter account just responded with “100”, which is the standard number for contacting the local police station.


In another photo, Ranveer Singh is rocking the retro vibe as he sits back with vinyl records around him. The caption is borrowed from another classic song by a British band and reads, “U spin me right round baby. Right round Like a record baby Right round round round”

In another photo, Ranveer has a mysterious look on his face as he holds a burning newspaper in his hand. The caption reads, “Cos I am whutever u say I am. If I wasn’t then why wud I say I am. In de paper, de news everyday I am. Radio won’t even play mah jam”

Ranveer has captioned another one of his photos with the line “‘Ere come de hahtsteppah”

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