Five Celebrities Who Should Just Quit Twitter For Our Sanity
Would Twitter be a better place without these celebrities? (Photo: <b>The Quint</b>)
Would Twitter be a better place without these celebrities? (Photo: The Quint)

Five Celebrities Who Should Just Quit Twitter For Our Sanity

Twitter is magical. It gives you a 140-character-wide peek into the minds of your favourite celebrities.

But what do you do if a celeb is abusive or just full of sh*t? Simply unfollow them, right? But that doesn’t work. You can block these celebs, but you’re bound to see their tweets, or news of their tweets anyway. A lot like that annoying aunty, who just keeps asking you when you’re going to get married. So what do you do? You just wait for her to leave town once and for all. That is exactly what some annoying celebrities on Twitter need to do to – leave!

Here are five celebrities who we wish would get bored of Twitter and deactivate their accounts, so we can have some peace.


The 44-year-old behaves like a 14-year-old on Twitter and tweets like a stoner. Meet Uday Chopra, Bollywood’s unemployed man-child, who is killing us softly with his tweets.


Say Whaaaat?

No bro. WHAT are you saying?

Congratulations, Uday! You’re doing a great job with that secret language.


Who doesn’t know Kamaal R Khan? He calls himself a film critic, but his only claim to fame is offensive and controversial tweets against Bollywood celebs (Mostly women).

The Lowest of all Lows

He’s also full of advice. Or at least, we think it is advice. (We’ll never know for sure)


First of all, your Twitter bio reads ‘CB Family’. Bhai, what’s up with that? Is your account run by the entire Chetan Bhagat clan? Or does ‘CB’ just sound cool to you?

Anyhoo, who would have thought that after writing seven novels (*cough*), Chetan Bhagat would be the butt of all jokes on Twitter. I mean, if the man can write more than 100 pages, then 140 characters should be a piece of cake, right?

Unfortunately that’s not the case. He made fun of rape, and penned a bizarre tweet on Father’s Day among others. The writer of Half Girlfriend, tweets with half his brain, and should be fully blocked from Twitter.

What do writers like you write? I am genuinely curious. Poor boy boy meets girl. Girl is from a different state/rich. After a few pages finally boy and girl get together. Ok work done for the day.



Let’s hope children do not use words like you do


With so much intolerance in the air, do we really need the obnoxious Abhijeet to add to the hate? Sorry Abhijeet, but you need to take your anti-Pakistan raag somewhere else.



Ab Mr Ram Gopal Varma ke baare mein kya kahein. The less said, the better.

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