5 Things Sonakshi’s ‘Noor’ Will Make All Journalists Think About

Here’s why ‘Noor’ will make every journalist in the audience look within. 

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Sonakshi Sinha in a scene from <i>Noor.</i> (Photo: Yogen Shah)

As impressive as Sonakshi Sinha is in and as Noor, the film falls short in terms of storytelling and realism. There was scope for a lot more dirt and a lot more darkness, but looks like Sunhil Sippy wanted to keep his protagonist in a bubble, where there’s no abuse, no real danger, no corruption and no trolls either. How I wish the film had a more unique take on the ethics of journalism, but if you’re in the profession, it’s bound to make you introspect a little. Here’s what I think it’ll leave all journalists thinking about.

1. Don’t Judge Sunny Leone

... or anyone else for that matter. Noor’s attitude towards celebrities might remind you of Bhupendra Chaubey’s Sunny Leone interview. But her boss in the film hits the nail on its head by saying, “tumne khud life mein aisa kya ukhada hai, that gives you the right to judge someone else, especially a self-made woman?” I couldn’t agree more. A journalist cannot afford to sit in judgement of people and their circumstances.

2. Do You Grow Up Or ‘Get Over It’?

Noor was naive and she paid for it. Even before she understood the big reality of her BIG story, she revealed the cards that she had been dealt. Noor gets a reality ka thappad and it’ll make every journo in the audience think about their own low points and professional blows. The man who steals her thunder and potential career tells her to “get over it” because to get ahead, one must do wrong. I’m sure every journalist has been in this tricky spot. But Noor, rolls her eyes, moves on and does what she had set out to do.

3. How Do You Deal With Guilt?

Sonakshi Sinha not only hates her own life, but messes up someone else’s too. That someone is a dear one. Her guilt first drives her away, but then, it brings her right back to fix what she had broken. It made me think about whether my job is only to tell a story, or be a part of changing the story itself? And what about those whose story I’m telling? Noor will make you think about wanting to set the world right, while you deal with guilt and a job full of responsibility.

4. How Far Will You Go?

Noor brings up the existential question of journalism vs ethics. If your source needs anonymity, will you still expose him/her to get the limelight? Is the story bigger than the lives of the people involved? Are you okay with collateral damage? How far will you go for virality, sensationalism and also, for justice?

5. Why Did You Become a Journalist?

Was it for the thrill, the drama and the glamour? Or... was it your uneasiness with status quo, that made you the bridge between problems and the people they plague? Noor’s journey might be imperfect, messy, disillusioned and guilt-ridden, but it does hold up a mirror to those, who usually do that job for the world – journalists.

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