Dilip Kumar Is Doing Much Better Now: Confirm Doctors
A recent photograph of actor Dilip Kumar recovering in the hospital. 
A recent photograph of actor Dilip Kumar recovering in the hospital. (Photo Courtesy: Twitter/@ShhaheenAhmeed)

Dilip Kumar Is Doing Much Better Now: Confirm Doctors

Veteran actor Dilip Kumar is doing better now after being admitted for kidney-related ailments five days ago, confirmed doctors on Sunday.

Dilip Kumar’s kidneys are functioning and he is not on dialysis.
Jalil Parkar, Dilip Kumar’s Personal Doctor

The actor was hospitalised on Wednesday evening and was admitted to the ICU at Lilavati hospital in Mumbai after he reportedly suffered from kidney ailment and dehydration. The Quint spoke to Dilip saab’s family and learnt that he was stable and out of the ICU on Thursday.

The actor’s team tweeted on Dilip’s behalf, speaking about his health.

Earlier reports suggested that the veteran actor had been shifted back to the ICU. Dilip Kumar’s wife Saira Banu is mum on reports of him suffering from renal failure and had told PTI that she is hopeful that he will recover soon with the prayers of his well-wishers and fans.

We have to pray he recovers soon. He should be well Inshallah! God willing. The doctors are treating him.
Saira Banu, Former actor and Dilip Kumar’s wife
There are kidney problems and doctors are treating it. I have spoken to his nephew and even to Saira (Dilip Kumar’s wife Saira Banu), who have said that his creatinine levels are high and he is being given intravenous medication. He is being kept in ICU because of age-related factors. His heart has to be monitored too.
Udayatara Nayar, compiler of Dilip Kumar’s autobiography

Shaheen Ahmed, a member of Dilip Kumar’s family, posted a recent picture of him from his hospital room on social media.

According to a report in The Indian Express, the team of doctors treating him had earlier said, “Dilip Kumar’s creatinine levels are rising. He is going into renal failure. Given his age, it is serious.”

On Thursday morning, the doctors had released a statement, “He is completely stable and the only major issue was dehydration. Since dehydration also affects kidney and other organs momentarily he suffered minor urinary issues, otherwise, there is no major complication.”

But the doctors treating him told The Indian Express that he will once again be shifted to the ICU for medication on Thursday.

He will be shifted to ICU today for a couple of hours. We need to administer antibiotics through IV drip which can only be given in the ICU. We will observe him for a while and based on recovery we will shift him back to the normal room.
Doctors from Lilavati hospital

Source: The Indian Express, PTI, IANS

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