Bigg Boss Day 45: Priya and Mandana Target Rimi Sen

Rimi Sen is in trouble as her team gangs up against her

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Rimi Sen is under attack from her own team mates

Just when everybody thought Rimi Sen is finally showing some interest in a task, she does something which becomes the reason for her team to lose. Resulting in Rimi becoming the target of the wild cats in the house, Priya and Mandana.

Rimi Sen’s Thrashing Session

During the luxury budget task, Bigg Boss Dairy, when the two captains for the task, Rimi and Prince go into the store room to submit the milk packets, Rimi hands over some packets from her team’s collection to Prince.

Bigg Boss baba ne Khola Rimi ka pole
Bigg Boss baba ne Khola Rimi ka pole

It does seem like Rimi is being kind to Prince but little does she know that her world would be turned upside down. Bigg Boss Baba ne sab dekha aur dikhaya bhi. Bigg Boss Baba calls Priya and shows her the clip where Rimi is giving the packets to Prince. You can imagine what happened next!

Priya, furious over this, straight away calls a team meeting and tells them that despite of being the captain, Rimi is bringing the team down and she is solely responsible if their team loses. She also accuses Rimi of selling out her own team for a friendly favour. The most irritating part is yet to come. Rimi responds with giggles, yes! Seeing this, Mandana gets so annoyed that she refuses to give Rimi her make-up back.

Kawaljit and Priya Get Their Claws Out!

Things are about to get pretty serious in the Bigg Boss house. You might remember how Priya accused Rishabh of making sexual overtures to her during a task and how later Rishabh defended himself by saying that he was totally focusing on his task.

Priya accuses Rishabh of making sexual advances
Priya accuses Rishabh of making sexual advances

Later on in the day Kawaljit calls Priya an ‘aunty’ which doesn’t quite go down well with Priya. She feels it is an undignified remark and after hearing this, she lashes out on Prince’s entire team and they get into a heated argument. Priya also accuses them of being way too aggressive.

Oops! Who is calling who an aunty?
Oops! Who is calling who an aunty?

One thing leads to another and soon there is a lot of name calling... Kawaljit is called a suvar. Ouch! Later, when Rishabh finds tissues inside the Blue team’s milk cans and informs Kawaljit about it, he retorts by saying that maybe in Australia they add tissues to milk and drink it! Priya obviously feels deeply offended by this comment and decides to make a huge issue out of it, calling Kawaljit racist.

Kawaljit’s Comments on Keith and His Ex-wife Miffs Rochelle

Kawaljit is digging his own grave!
Kawaljit is digging his own grave!

Kawaljit came to the house to play the game but looks like he is getting caught in his own game plan. He has tried to spark off some fights by bringing up prior incidents and this hasn’t gone down well with the housemates. Kawaljit also made a comment about Keith and his ex-wife which angered Rochelle, his girlfriend. She tries to bury the hatchet and tells Kawaljit not to talk about it as he doesn’t know Keith. But, Kawaljit says that he knows Keith better than Rochelle does.

Rochelle’s patience level cracks and she tells Kawaljit that he doesn’t deserve to take Keith’s name from his mouth because he isn’t worthy enough, thus starting a huge argument with him. Already not many housemates are on talking terms with Kawaljit and after this incident he is completely isolated all of them. Is Kawaljit slowly but surely digging his own grave? We’ll know soon!

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