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Bigg Boss 16, 18 November 2022, Friday E49: Shukravaar Ka Vaar With Salman Khan

Bigg Boss 16, 18 November 2022, Friday E49: Shukravaar Ka Vaar With Salman Khan - Here's the full written update.

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Bigg Boss 16, 18 November 2022, Friday E49: Shukravaar Ka Vaar With Salman Khan
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In the previous episode of Bigg Boss 16 on Thursday, 17 November 2022 Archana Gautam gave a tough time to Sajid Khan and other contestants of the house. She was adamant about not doing the duties which make the entire house against her.

A task was performed between favourite and non-favourite contestants of the house regarding Sajid's captaincy, in which favourite contestants became victorious and Sajid's captaincy continued.

A fight between Stan and Shalin lead to many twists and turns and the entire house got involved in it. Over possessive Sumbul shouted on Tina and the latter got angry, which lead to a verbal spat between the two.

Let's read about what happens in today's Shukravaar Ka Vaar with Salman Khan on Friday, 18 November 2022.


Bigg Boss 16. 18 November, Friday E49: Shukravaar Ka Vaar With Salman Khan - Full Written Update


Today's episode starts with Sumbul crying in front of Soundarya over the fight between Shalin and Stan. She says I am shivering and wanna go home. Soundarya gives her water and asks her to calm down.

Inside Sajid's room, Shiv, Stan, Sajid, Nimrit, Tina and Gautam are discussing the fight incident. Gautam says why did Sumbul reacted like that, it looks like she has gone mad.

Shalin speaks in front of the camera and says either Stan and Shiv should go home, else I will leave the house. Ankit comes in Shalin's support and says I will also go. Priyanka says I saw the entire scenario, Shalin has been physically abused and if no action was taken against Shiv and Stan then I will also leave this house.


Tina tells Sajid and others about the incident. She says Stan was being provoked and he is not wrong. She adds, Stan was concerned about me because I was hurt. Sajid says if Stan goes home, so should Archana because both were provoked.

Shalin tells Priyanka and Ankit that if Bigg Boss didn't take a decision against Stan and Shiv, I will be aggressive and will beat them up.

Sajid comes to Shalin and asks him to calm down. Shalin narrates the entire story to Sajid. Priyanka intervenes and is continuously taunting Shiv and Stan. Shiv loses his cool and confronts Priyanka.

Priyanka tells Shiv that you guys are goons and we don't feel safe with you in this house. Shiv gets furious and replies to Priyanka saying you and your parents are goons not me. Priyanka shouts on him saying this is your class because you dragged my parents into this.


The fight between the two continues. Both call each other shameless. Shiv says Priyanka why were you silent when Archana attacked me. She replies saying you planned all the fight with her so why would I support you. Nimrit tells Gautam I don't understand why Priyanka is reacting too much. He replies she is doing all this for footage. Sajid tells Nimrit and others that Bigg Boss has set a wrong example by bringing Archana back and that is why everybody in this house has got influenced and are doing violence.

Priyanka is on fire and continuously speaking against Shiv, Stan and their group. Ankit tries to calm her down but she says I won't tolerate this because today this happened to Shalin and tomorrow it can happen to me. She says I have a family to take care of. I fight with Shiv and his friends almost every day so how would I trust that they won't hurt me like Shalin.


Tina and Shalin hug each other. Shalin kisses her on forehead. Tina says you and Stan both were wrong. Shalin says I don't wanna discuss this please.

Nimrit asks Tina why did you go to Shalin after you fought with him. Tina says he is my friend and only I can calm him down in this house. She also say that he is way too aggressive and adamant to get Stan evicted and that is why I am trying to cool him.

Shalin saws Tina talking to Nimrit and Stan and gets angry. He tells her why are you roaming around when your leg is hurt. Tina reverts back saying you both are my friends so you can't ask me to choose any one of you. Tina says even Sumbul is your friend but I don't tell you anything. Priyanka tells Shalin why are you asking her when it is evident that she is on Stan's side. This annoys Tina and she bursts on Priyanka. Both have an ugly verbal spat.


Sumbul hugs Shalin and says I got too scared, what if something would have happened to you. Shalin says do not worry, I have strong reflexes and I could have sensed if they were gonna hurt me.

Bigg Boss calls Shalin, Tina, and MC Stan to the confession room. Stan tells Tina I should not talk to you if Shalin has issues with this. Tina replies do not be mad, Shalin is not my boyfriend or husband so you should not think like this. She says I have given him some rights but he can't decide with whom I should talk.

Tina, Stan, and Shalin enter the confession room. Bigg Boss tells Shalin that you have listened to lot of people and got their suggestions too and now I want you to listen to me. Tina says Bigg Boss Stan is not wrong. Shalin starts interrupting. Bigg Boss says Shalin there are 36 cameras in the room where this incident occurred and Tina is also saying she saw the incident, so all of this can't be wrong.


Bigg Boss starts narrating the incident. He says Stan came to attack you, but you locked him in your defense. Then Shiv came to disperse you two. Tina says yes Bigg Boss you are right and this is what exactly happened. Bigg Boss says that I called you three in this confession room because I think only you all can answer me correctly. He says I didn't want to take my decision in front of other housemates who are just adding fuel to the fire.

Bigg Boss asks Tina who is the culprit and if Stan should be thrown out of the house or not. Shalin interrupts saying Bigg Boss I want to talk to you alone. Bigg Boss says yes we will do that once Tina replies my question. Shalin again says Bigg Boss why are you asking Tina because she is supporting Stan and Shiv and will obviously reply in their favour. Hearing this , Tina is enraged and says, Shalin if you know everything then you reply to Bigg Boss and moreover, do not interrupt in between because it is like disrespecting Bigg Boss.


Bigg Boss asks Tina to reply. Tina says Bigg Boss my feet was hurt and both Shalin and Stan were helping me. I asked Shalin to leave my feet because it was hurting badly. Stan is non-expressive so he abused Shalin and then both started hurling abuses to each other. In the rage of the moment, Shalin abused Stan's parents and this made him lose his control and he tried to attack him. Tina says Bigg Boss both are equally culprits and I don't think Stan should be eliminated from the house.

Bigg Boss warns Stan and says this thing should never happen in this house again, both Tina and Stan leave the confession room. Bigg Boss asks Shalin that you wanted to talk to me alone so now is your time. Shalin says Bigg Boss I am very grateful to this show and Salman Khan but after what happened to me I don't want to stay in this house. Bigg Boss says is this the same guy saying who wanted to become anchor of this show. Shalin says Bigg Boss I am the same guy and I will be the anchor one day but right now I don't want to stay in this house because I don't feel safe.


Bigg Boss says Shalin if you want to leave the show, do you know it will be a voluntary exit and according to the contract., you will have to pay the penalty. Shalin says Bigg Boss I will pay the penalty and that will be taken care of. Bigg Boss says alright wait till tomorrow and Salman Khan will respectfully let you go out of this house.

Shalin comes out of the confession room and tells Priyanka, Ankit, and Sumbul that he has decided to voluntarily exit the house. They are in shock and ask for further details. Bigg Boss intervenes and calls Shalin to confession room again where he warns him not to utter a word to anyone.

Bigg Boss announces Shalin's decision of taking a voluntary exit. Tina tells Nimrit about Shalin's aggressive behaviour. She says if he didn't come to this house for work and money, then why is he even here. She says Shalin is under wrong influence and has taken a wrong decision.


Tina tells Nimrit that Priyanka must be happy because she wanted Shalin to go as he was the only one who would give her back in any argument.

Shalin is hurt. He shares his feelings with Gautam and cries. Gautam tries to pacify him. Shalin tells Gautam that he had only one girl in this house and she hurted him like hell. He says I gave her my heart and soul but in return she played me. Shalin further says, Gautam now that I am going, you be careful of Tina because she is a player and can't be trusted. Sumbul tells Shalin that he is not going anywhere and must give it back to her. Shalin says Tina did all this because she knew if Stan will go, she will no longer be friends with Nimrit, Shiv, Sajid, and others.


Nimrit convinces Shalin to talk to her. Shalin calls Sumbul and tells her to stay close. Nimrit says it is okay she can also sit with us. Nimrit tells Shalin that whatever happened is wrong but I don't want you to go out of the house. Shalin replies, I wouldn't have minded if it was Bigg Boss's decision but what hurts me is that Tina Dutta gave this decision.

Tina overhears this and says Shalin I did this for you because I was concerned about you and I said whatever is there in the rule book. Shalin gets furious and says, no you didn't do this for me, you did this for game and you are a great player. Tina says , don't accuse me, I actually did this for you. Shalin says, Tina leave me alone, she replies I won't go anywhere because I want to talk to you. Shalin walks away.

Tina asks Sumbul to leave and give her and Shalin some privacy. Sumbul refuses to go by saying I won't leave unless Shalin tells me to go.

Tina again tries to talk to Shalin and tells him not to leave before hearing her out. Shalin says Tina you saw everything and still favored Stan. He says, Tina you have been unfair to me and you are a great player. Shalin again walks away. Tina is left speechless and stands alone engrossed in deep thoughts.

Episode Ends Here.

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