73rd Golden Globes: Epic Moments, Unexpected Winners & a Mad Host

The 73rd Golden Globes were all about it’s crazy host, deserving winners, awkward moments and Oscar predictions. 

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If you missed the 73rd Golden Globes, catch up with these important highlights

Awards season kicked off on Sunday with the 73rd annual Golden Globes, four hours of red-carpet glamour and wickedly goofy speeches celebrating the best in movies and TV. Ricky Gervais returned as the host for the fourth time at the Globes and he didn’t forget his signature cocky humour. This year he went from taking personal digs at Sean Penn and Caitlyn Jenner to calling the awards “useless”.

“Shut up, you disgusting, pill-popping sexual deviant scum,” he began addressing the glittering, grinning crowd while taking a sip from a glass of fizzing beer in his opening remarks. “I’m going to do this monologue and then go into hiding,” the host said before adding, “I’m going to get this monologue out of the way and then go into hiding. Not even Sean Penn will find me... Snitch.” The joke on Penn was regarding his recent controversial secret interview with drug lord Joaquin ‘El Chapo’ Guzman, that helped authorities locate his whereabouts.

He went on to let everyone know he has no time, or interest in the Golden Globes themselves.

If you do win tonight, remember that no one cares about that award as much as you do. Don’t get emotional; it’s embarrassing, OK? That award is, no offence, worthless.

Ricky Gervais

Gervais returned to host the Golden Globes for the fourth time. Noting that NBC had no nominations of its own, which made it a “fair and impartial” network to host the show, Gervais said, “Nothing in it for them tonight; they don’t care,” he noted. The Golden Globes, which are considered an early predictor of the upcoming Oscars, were held at the Beverly Hills, California.

The British comedian, who is known for his opening monologues and blatant disregard for the celebrities in the audience, remained true to form as he took aim at the A-listers in the room. His interaction with actor-filmmaker Mel Gibson certainly made for one of the most awkward moments of the evening.

The Globes, voted on by the members of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, are believed to serve as predictions for the more prestigious Oscars, to follow on February 28th. So if you’ve missed the main winners, check them out here.

Best Motion Picture, Drama

The Revenant, Alejandro González Iñárritu’s harrowing drama about a 1820s trapper who survives a bear attack to seek revenge on the men who left him for dead, won the Golden Globe for Best Movie Drama. The film also won awards for Best Director and Best Actor in a drama.

Two years ago, we found ourselves submerged deep in nature with all of its complications and all the beauty that it gave us cinematically. This film was about survival. It was about adaptation. It was about the triumph of the human spirit. But more than anything, it was about trust.

Leonardo DiCaprio

Iñárritu’s Birdman won big time at the Oscars last year. In fact, the critically acclaimed Spotlight gave The Revenant close competition and many were vouching for its win over the Leonardo DiCaprio starrer this year. By the way, this Kate Winslet-Leonardo DiCaprio moment was pretty epic too!

ButLeo stole the show with his expression when Lady Gaga accidentally bumped into him. Check this out! There’s nothing to be scared of now Leo, it’s just that crazy singer looking normal for a change :P

Best Motion Picture, Comedy

Ridley Scott’s The Martian won big in the category of Best Motion Picture, Musical or Comedy. The film starring Matt Damon is a saga about an astronaut forced to use science and his wits to survive alone on Mars. Matt Damon also won the award for Best Actor in a comedy for his role in this hit film, which many do not consider a comedy, including the film’s director, Ridley Scott.

Thank you very much. Comedy? But, anyway, I’m very grateful for that.

Ridley Scott

It’s literally been 18 years since I’ve been here doing this. With a little more context, I know how lucky I am and how lucky I am to do this for a living. When people go see movies, it’s just -- it’s kind of rare. I’ve made a lot of movies that people just didn’t go see.

Matt Damon

Best Actress in a Motion Picture, Drama

Directed by Lenny Abrahamson and adapted by Emma Donohue from her novel, Room is the story of a woman who adapts to a horrific new life after being kidnapped, imprisoned and impregnated by her abductor in a garden shed. Newcomer Brie Larson plays the young mother with conviction and depth.

Best Actress in a Motion Picture, Musical or Comedy

Jennifer Lawrence essayed the part of a single mother who overcame poverty and strained family ties by inventing the miracle mop and turning into an entrepreneur, featuring on the Home Shopping Network. A strong female character, Lawrence rocked this ‘true-story’ avatar in her third collaboration with director David O Russell and co-star Bradley Cooper.

Lawrence thanked the film’s director for choosing her and also said that she would like for them to be buried next to each other.

Best Actor in a Supporting Role

Legendary action hero Sylvester Stallone got a standing ovation for winning the award for Best Actor in a Supporting Role, for Creed. Stallone has successfully reinvented his iconic Rocky Balboa character as an ageing, vulnerable ex-fighter, who leaves the comforts of his retired life to train a young boxer.

I’m going to thank my imaginary friend Rocky Balboa for being the best friend I ever had.

Sylvester Stallone

Best Actress in a Supporting Role

Looks like Kate Winslet was really not expecting this win. As she accepted the award, she wished Danny Boyle was present in the room. Winslet played Apple marketing exec Joanna Hoffman, a member of Jobs’ inner circle and one of the few people who stood up to his infamous bullying.

Steve Jobs also won Aaron Sorkin the award for Best Screenplay. Though the film doesn’t seem to be a top Oscar contender, thanks to its failure at the box office, Kate’s win surprised us all and we hope it does wonders for the film at the Oscars in February this year.

Kate Winslet was out of words, even as she entered the winners’ lounge, post the award ceremony.

Best Television Series, Drama

The critically acclaimed hacker drama, came out as the unmatched winner of the Best TV Series Drama, beating out heavyweights such as Empire and Game of Thrones. Christian Slater won the award for the Best Supporting Actor in a TV Series, for his role as an anarchist on the show.

The bigwigs of Mr Robot tell us more in a chat about what they wish they could tell their 20 year old selves.

A well deserved win for Christian Slater and Rami Malek, watch them trying to put their excitement into words.

Best Actor in a Television Series, Drama

Jon Hamm was still basking in the glory of his Emmy win last year for his defining Don Draper avatar in the hugely popular TV series Mad Men. The show wrapped its final season last year, but Hamm still has more to celebrate with his last night’s Golden Globe win.

Once he got off the stage, he had a few words of advice to give a young fan, who’s having trouble finding her passion.

Other Surprises!

But unpredictability was the rule in most of the TV categories, as new or lesser-known series beat out more established shows for many awards. Two pop stars also were honoured on Sunday night. Lady Gaga won the award for Best Actress in a Limited TV Series, for her role as a vampire on FX’s American Horror Story: Hotel.

Lady Gaga was probably the ‘most emotional’ celebrity of the evening. She thanked a ton of people and dedicated her award to her team of supporters, for making her shine.

It didn’t end with Gaga. Crooner Sam Smith won the award for Best Song for Spectre’s Writing’s On the Wall theme song.

Getting an opportunity to sing a Bond song is unbelievable and a dream come true, so this, I don’t know, makes it sweeter, doesn’t it.

Sam Smith, Singer

Best Motion Picture, Animated

As expected, Pixar’s critical and commercial smash hit Inside Out, the endearing story of how emotions inside a little girl’s head fight each other to help her grow into a happy teenager, won the award for Best Animated movie.

The producers of Inside Out give Amy Poehler a big shout out and then share a profound message from the film- we should embrace failure, not be afraid of it.

Denzel Washington Received the Cecil B DeMille Award

In accepting the Cecil B. DeMille Award for career achievement during Sunday’s ceremony, Denzel Washington told a terrific story about something he’d been told by Freddie Fields, the producer of Glory, for which Washington won his first Golden Globe:

Some of you may know Freddie Fields. He invited me to the first Hollywood Foreign Press luncheon. He said they are gonna watch the movie. We are gonna feed them. They are gonna come over. You gonna take pictures with everybody. You are gonna hold the magazines, take the pictures, and you’re gonna win the award. I won that year.

Denzel Washington

Tom Hanks, who introduced him to a standing ovation, described Denzel as “a peer and equal of all the greatest legends of our craft.” Washington was overwhelmed and fell short of words after winning the award. His family accompanied him up on stage, which is rare, and the actor not only forgot his speech but also said that he had forgotten his glasses, so he couldn’t read it off the piece of paper he was carrying.

Washington becomes only the third African American to ever be given the award, following that of Sidney Poitier in 1982 and Morgan Freeman in 2012.

Take a look at the closely guarded briefcases with the names of the winners. They deserve a red carpet moment too right!

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