Behind Closed Doors. (Photo: The Quint)
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Coming Soon: Our DoQ on How Terribly India Treats Its Elderly

In May 2016, a video of a 60-year old woman mercilessly beating her 85-year old mother in Kalkaji, Delhi went viral, horrifying families across the country. “What kind of a person beats their own mother?” people wondered. The answer is: most families in India.

In 2014, 50% of the elderly population in India reported abuse. 77% lived with their families and reported the abuser to be a son, daughter, or daughter-in-law. But most elderly abuse survivors rarely report the abuse, for reasons of affection or financial dependence. Elderly abuse in India – whether physical, emotional, or verbal – is a well-kept secret, hidden behind the closed doors of the family.

Through first-person experiences of elderly abuse survivors, The Quint attempts to unravel the complex web of issues around elderly abuse in its upcoming documentary ‘Behind Closed Doors’.

Cameraperson: Sanjoy Deb
Editor: Kunal Mehra