FAQ: Can I Go Out For a Walk During a Lockdown? How do I Exercise?

Can you go out for walks? And if not, how else can you keep fit during the lockdown?

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Can you go out for walks? And if not, how else can you keep fit during the lockdown?

India is under a three-week lockdown, and with every passing day, you miss your morning walks. But can you go out for walks? And if not, how else can you keep fit during the lockdown? Here's all you need to know.

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Can I go out for a walk?

Best to avoid. That's not us saying, but also the Delhi Police. Speaking to NDTV, Shalini Singh, the Joint Commissioner of Police (Western Range) said going out for morning walks is strictly prohibited. She said, "If you are out walking in groups the purpose of lockdown is defeated."

Similar actions by the police have also been taken in Bengaluru, much to the annoyance of residents.

So what can I do?

If you're craving some fresh air, you can walk in your balcony or the terrace. Otherwise, there are always some fun ways to work out at home.

Like the one Aruna Ramesh Balaji recommends. A freelance writer and fitness instructor by profession, her workout routine is unusual. Apart from the usual jumping jacks and lateral shuffles, she recommends using blankets at home and your building stairs to do a comprehensive work out. Here’s how. (Remember to warm up!)

Duvet battle ropes: Go to the foot of your bed, with your feet apart. Just a little more than your shoulder-width. Bend your knees. And keeping your head, neck and spine straight, grab a corner of your blanket in each hand. And then, pump your arms alternating them in swift up and down motions for at least a minute. Like this.

Cushion froggers: Lie on your back, place your hands, if possible, beneath your tailbone. Then keeping your knees bent and wide, tightly squeeze a folded pillow or cushion in between your heels. Press your feet out and bring them back in. Do as many reps as you can.

The Stairs Workout Jogs: Up and down a flight of stairs popping off the balls of your feet on each stair. Remember to keep your knees soft.

You can read her other workout routine recommendations here.

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