Bigg Boss 16, 25 November E56: Shukravaar Ka Vaar, Fahmaan Khan in BB House

Here's the full written episode of Bigg Boss 16 today, 25 November 2022 E56 Friday Shukravaar Ka Vaar.

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In the previous episode of Bigg Boss 16 E55 on Thursday, 24 November 2022, a massive fight occurred between Tina, Shalin, and Sumbul after Bigg Boss revealed the secret of Sumbul's conversation with her father over a phone call.

Shalin and Tina were on fire after they heard the derogatory remarks that Sumbul's dad passed for them. Shalin and Tina bashed Sumbul after listening to the entire conversation. Sumbul was left clueless and ended up in the medical room.

Later, Bigg Boss assigned a new captaincy task to the housemates in which MC Stan was the Sanchaalak of the task. In the first two rounds of the captaincy task, Shiv, Tina, and Nimrit became victorious and are now contenders.

Let us read what will happen in today's episode of Bigg Boss 16 on Friday, 25 November 2022.


Today's episode starts with Salman Khan on BB stage and gives a preview of the week. Yesterday's Captaincy task continues. Bigg Boss announces the third round and says both the teams have to collect 10 baskets of fishes.

Priyanka, Soundarya, and Ankit go against Nimrit, Shiv, and Tina in the third round. Both the teams work hard to get the fishes and fill up 10 baskets. By the end of the round 3, Bigg Boss asks MC Stan to announce the winner. Both the teams put forward their points about why they should be the winners. MC Stan declares Nimrit, Shiv, and Tina as winners of the third and last round.

MC Stan's decision doesn't go well with the opposite team and both teams get into an arguement. Priyanka and Soundarya call MC Stan biased and unfair. Archana says Stan is a pawn of Sajid and his group so how can you expect him to be fair.


Priyanka, Ankit, Archana, and Soundarya taunt MC Stan saying you were influenced by Sajid and his gang and took an unfair decision. They call him cheater.

A cold war between Sajid and Archana turns into a big issue when Archana calls Sajid an old and insolent man. Archana tells Priyanka that Sajid should not have come to the BB house if he has heart problems. She says Sajid is mannerless because he abused my mother. Archana says Sajid keeps threatening me by saying he will get me evicted from the house and he wants to suppress me because he has a great influence. Priyanka replies, there's no such thing, if Sajid is wrong no one will support him.

It is Sajid Khan's birthday and Bigg Boss sends a cake for him. All housemates except Archana gather and sing a birthday song for him. Sajid cuts the cake and distributes among the housemates. Archana says I don't want to be a a part of all this as Sajid keeps insulting me.


Bigg Boss 16, 25 November 2022 E56 Friday: Fahmaan Khan Enters As a Wild Card Contestant

Bigg Boss wishes Sajid Khan on his birthday and tells housemates that they must be bored of seeing same old faces every day. BB announces the entry of a new wild card contestant and all housemates rush towards the door. Fahmaan Khan enters the house and Sumbul's happiness has no bounds. Sumbul hugs Fehmaan and tells him if it is a dream or reality.

All contestants welcome Fehmaan. Sumbul breaks down into tears and tells Sajid that now her friend is in the house, she doesn't need anyone else. Sajid tells Fehmaan that Sumbul has said great things about him. Nimrit tells Sumbul that she is happy for her. Sumbul gives Fehmaan a house tour and tells him that he will sleep in the same room where she sleeps.

Shalin and Tina discuss about Fehmaan's entry in the BB house. Shalin says I am happy he has come because now no one will point out me. He adds, Sumbul's dad will be relaxed now as he knows Fehmaan very well. Tina agrees to Shalin and says I am also happy.


Sumbul and Fehmaan discuss about the phone call incident. Sumbul narrates the entire story to Fehmaan. Archana comes and offers tea to Fehmaan. She says, please tell me how do I play and what do people think about me. Fehmaan replies, one should be true in this house, there is no need to be fake. He tells Archana that whatever Salman Khan and Karan Johar told her, only that is true.


Sajid , Nimrit, Shiv, Abdu, Stan, and Tina discuss about Fahmaan Khan. Nimrit says, I saw him in the towel and I must say he is hotter than Shalin, Abdu gets jealous. Tina also agrees that Fehmaan is hot. Shiv, Stan, and Sajid pull Abdu's leg regarding Nimrit's comment on Fehmaan.

Shalin talks to Fehmaan and tells him welcome to the BB house. Shalin asks Fehmaan if he knows about Sumbul and her Dad's phone call incident. Fehmaan says yes I know a little bit. Shalin narrates the entire incident to him. He says I wanted to maintain a distance from Sumbul but she doesn't understand. Fehmaan says Sumbul should have maintained a distance from you and Tina the moment Salman Khan explained to her.


Archana and Soundarya are having food. Ankit asks Archana for a piece of roti but she denies. This makes Priyanka angry and both get into a heated argument. Archana pounces on Soundarya saying you do not support me. Soundarya replies, I can not fight on petty things and walks away.

In the bedroom, Ankit, Priyanka, and Soundarya are discussing Archana's behaviour. Archana overhears them and starts arguing with Priyanka and Soundarya. Priyanka tells her to take out her stuff from their bedroom. Archana curses Priyanka saying you will be always alone and never happy because of your bad attitude.

Sajid and Shiv discuss about elimination. Sajid says Soundarya will be eliminated from the house this week. Shiv says it is quite evident from Soundarya's face that she will be out from the house.

Soundarya tries to pacify Archana. The latter says, you never stood by me and are not a true friend. Archana tells Soundarya that you never take my stand.


Fehmaan, Sumbul, and Priyanka are sitting in the garden area. Priyanka asks Sumbul how she feels after Fehmaan's entry in the house. Sumbul replies, I feel alive and as if my family member is with me. Priyanka says I am happy for you.

Salman Khan greets every one in the house and says there is a guest in the house. He asks Fehmaan what is the meaning of his name? Fehmaan replies it is 'Understanding'.

Salmaan asks housemates who is happy on Fehmaan's entry in the house. Tina says I am the most excited because now I won't be involved anymore. Shalin tells I am also happy.

Salman Khan teases Soundarya on Gautam's exit from the house. He tells her that she must be feeling free and both laugh.

Salman Khan gives Fehmaan a task in which he is supposed to burst the balloons on the heads of housemates by giving a reason of their misunderstanding. Fehmaan performs the task very well.


In the end of the task, Salmaan Khan says there is one person in this house who has a great misunderstanding and it is Sumbul. Salman says Sumbul thinks Fehmaan is here as a wild card contestant but it is a misunderstanding because he is here just to promote his new show "Pyaar Ki Saat Vachan: Dharam Patni". Salman wishes Fehmaan good luck and tells housemates to bid goodbye to Fehmaan.

All the housemates bid adieu to Fehmaan and wish him all the best for his new show. Sumbul hugs him and says she is happy and knows he will rock his upcoming show.

After Fehmaan's exit, Shalin tells Tina that he had a conversation with Fehmaan regarding Sumbul's Dad. Shalin says Fehmaan told me he was not unwell. Tina says I knew he must be pretending and both agree.


On the Bigg Boss stage, Salman Khan welcomes the cast of a new OTT series 'Tanav' including Manav Vij, Arbaaz Khan, Waluscha D'Souza, and others. The actors promote their show and play a funny task with Salman Khan using Helium balloons. Salman Khan says good bye to the Tanav team.

Salman Khan enters the house and tells that this week two contestants ran the entire house and it is Sajid and Archana. He tells them to speak about their indifference towards each other.

Sajid says he considers Archana as his younger sister but she disrespects him and calls him unfair. Archana says he abused me and mocks me every time saying I begged before the housemates and Bigg Boss for not evicting me.

Episode Ends Here.

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