Bigg Boss 16, 17 November 2022 Thursday E48: Housemates Vs Archana - Live Update

Bigg Boss 16 E48: Here's the full live written episode of today, Thursday, 17 November 2022.

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In the previous episode of Bigg Boss 16 E47 on Wednesday, 16 November 2022, Archana annoyed captain Sajid and other housemates with her tantrums. Frustrated by Archana's actions, Sajid started smoking outside the smoking area, which didn't go well with Bigg Boss.

First time ever in the history of Bigg Boss, the smoking area was sealed with a board marked with "Hum Bewkoof Hai". Bigg Boss reprimanded all contestants saying you are setting a wrong example for your fans. He said smoking is not cool and when you smoke openly on national television, it may inspire youths to start smoking because they consider you as their idol.

A ration-related task was also played by contestants in which Archana's ration was snatched by Sajid due to rule-breaking. Let us see what happens in today's episode of Bigg Boss 16 on 17 November 2022 E48.


Bigg Boss 16 17 November 2022 Thursday E48 Archana vs Housemates: Full Live Written Update

Before reading about today's episode, let us see a sneak peak of Archana vs housemates.


The episode starts with the morning Bigg Boss anthem. Archana is sleeping in the bedroom, Shiv comes to wake her up. Archana says I will wake up whenever I want. Shiv taunts her saying shall I bring tea, coffee or milk for you. Archana again says I won't wake up till I feel like it.

Shiv goes to the kitchen and informs Sajid about the same. Sajid says she is again pissing me off by not doing the duties. He tells housemates to suggest him a type of punishment for Archana. Priyanka says to tell her if you don't wake up and perform their duties, she won't get food. Nimrit says no, you should decide yourself as you are the king of this house. Sajid tells Shiv to go and tell Archana to come out within 20 minutes or she will get a severe punishment.

Shiv informs Archana about Sajid's decision, however, she seems to be unbothered. Shiv tells Sajid she will not listen so we have to punish her. Shiv and Nimrit take out Archana's clothes from her room and throw them out. Nimrit keeps some of Archana's clothes in the outside jail.


Gautam, Stan, Shalin, and Shiv remove Archana's mattress from the bed. However, she still doesn't seem to be bothered. Soundarya asks Archana to wake up now but she refuses to say that they think I am alone, Soundarya says you are not alone because I am with you.

Archana tells Soundarya about Priyanka's friendship with Sajid. She says Priyanka joined Sajid's group just to be safe from nominations. Gautam interrupts her saying Priyanka and Ankit are still on our side.

Gautam tells Archana this game is going one-sided. He adds Bigg Boss is just supporting Sajid and his group and this will continue till the end. Priyanka and Ankit are sitting in the garden. Gautam comes to them and Priyanka asks him what was Archana saying about him. Gautam repeats the same thing that Archana told him. Priyanka says I am strong and I don't need to make alliances.

Sajid and Abdu start the long son and short son show and they invite Priyanka as a guest. Abdu asks Priyanka, why she does she interfere in other's matters? Priyanka replies by saying that she supports truth and that is why she gives her opinion. Sajid asks Priyanka how she cleans her teeth using powder or toothpaste, she replies that she has naturally white teeth and all of them laugh. Abdu again asks Priyanka, are you and Ankit just friends or if they love each other? Priyanka says we love each other but we are friends. The long and short the show ends.


Bigg Boss asks housemates if they are happy with Sajid's captaincy, and all say yes except Archana. Bigg Boss again asks whosoever is unhappy to just raise their hands. Only Archana raises her hand. Bigg Boss asks who wants to replace Sajid as captain. Ankit, Priyanka, Archana, and Tina raise their hands. Bigg Boss says this is hypocrisy. Ankit says we like Sajid as captain but if we will be given a chance we will take it. Bigg Boss likes his answer.

Bigg Boss tells housemates about a new task. The task is about Sajid's captaincy. Housemates are divided into 2 groups - Sajid's favourite and non-favourite. Contestants from rooms 2 and 3 including Shiv, Abdu, Nimrit, and Stan are in Sajid's favourite team and contestants from rooms 4 and 6 including Tina, Shalin, Sumbul, Ankit, Priyanka, Gautam, Soundarya, and Archana are non-favourite.

In the task non-favourite contestants have to kill and defeat their favourite contestants. If the favourites win Sajid will continue as captain and if the non-favourites win, Sajid will be fired from the captaincy.


Before the task starts, Shalin and Tina make an alliance with non-favourites and promise to help them. However, Tina asks for a return favour and they agree.

Task starts. In the first round, non-favourites were asked to kill Nimrit by forcing her to change her clothes twice. Tina discloses this to Nimrit and the non-favourites lose the first round.

In the second round, non-favourites have to kill MC Stan by making him sing a rap. Again Tina tells Stan about the task and the non-favourites lose the second round.

In the third round, non-favourites were supposed to kill Shiv by forcing him to change his mic twice. Sumbul and Tina disclose this to Shiv and this way non-favourites lose the 3rd round also.

Bigg Boss announces their favourite contestants as the winners of the task and tells Sajid that he will continue to be the king of the house and that his favourite friends will also continue to have the privileges.


Priyanka and Ankit are upset because they lost the task. Gautam shouts on Priyanka saying you could not win the task where Shiv was supposed to be killed. Priyanka says she tried but it failed. Both argue and fight for a long time.

In the bedroom, Archana cries and shares with Soundarya about her clothes being thrown away. She says these are all designer clothes and seeing this nobody will design her clothes again. Soundarya consoles her.

Nimrit, Stan, and Shiv discuss about Shalin and say he can't be trusted. Nimrit says but Tina should be given a chance because she helped us in the task.

Shiv tells MC Stan that he didn't like Nimrit supports Tina. Shiv says Tina thinks by flattering Sajid, Abdu and you, she can win our trust and we will support her in captaincy but that's not gonna happen. Stan says she is selfish.


The girls of the house have to perform a TRESemme Style Icon task. In the task, girls have to group in pairs and use TRESemme products for styling their hair. Then they have to walk on the ramp and boys will judge them. Whoever wins will be the new TRESemme style icon of the house. Bigg Boss announces Nimrit & Soundarya, Tina & Sumbul, and Archana & Priyanka as pairs. All girls get ready and walk the ramp in pairs. Tina and Sumbul win the task. Shalin hugs Sumbul and says you and Tina won this task only because of you.

Archana asks Gautam, who messed with her clothes. He says I don't know. She again asks Nimrit the same question and she refuses to answer. Sajid tells Shiv don't talk to her because she needs something to argue upon.

Archana tells Soundarya that Sajid is an old man and he shouldn't have participated in the show. She adds this show is for youngsters not for the elderly, if Sajid has blood pressure issues he shouldn't have come to this show.


Tina hurts her foot while entering the common room. She is in pain and Shalin, Gautam, and Stan try to help her. Tina tells them to leave her foot as it's hurting badly. Stan tells Shalin to leave Tina's foot, and Shalin replies I am not doing anything, Stan gets angry and abuses Shalin saying Tina is also my friend. This makes Shalin furious and he also hurls abuses at Stan. The fight gets nasty. Housemates try to calm them down. Shiv pushes Shalin so that he doesn't get physical with Stan.

Sumbul takes Shalin into the room. Shalin says Shiv caught his neck and got physical with him. Priyanka says I was there and I saw. Sajid tries to calm Shalin down.

Tina comes to Shalin's room and tells him why did you start this fight. Shalin says I did not. Sumbul shouts and says why did Shiv and Stan do this. Tina tells her to stop and let her talk to Shalin. Sumbul again shouts, Tina gets angry and leaves the room saying Sumbul don't try to be Shalin's best friend and do not be possessive. Shalin tries to stop Tina but Sumbul doesn't let him go saying I care for you. Shalin says Tina also cares for me. Tina continues saying mean things to Sumbul.

The episode Ends Here.

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