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  • Sunil N M
    Interested in history, politics literature and travel
  • Waqar Jamil
    The Quint is doing its job very well and is delivering on its responsibility of honest and critical journalism. The Quint's way of putting out facts in the form of short editorial videos on YouTube where the viewers are presented with questions and asked to think, is very good. More power to the entire Quint team. I will keep on supporting you guys to the best of my capabilities. Keep on doing the good work.
  • Vinay Biradar
    A Good Platform to expand and improve. Even small activities are covered and voices are listened to.
  • Amin Shroff
    You are doing a tremendous service for the country. Please do continue to highlight topics of national importance. It will go a long way to let more people become aware of the importance of having a secular country.
  • Arisha
    I really enjoy watching the content on The Quint. I also read articles. In today's times, the way media is functioning is quite horrifying. The Quint is like a silver lining in a cloudy sky.
  • Prabal Malaker
    The Quint provides incisive analyses of activities not usually covered by mainstream media. Its opinions are independent. This is the reason I subscribe to it.
  • Leela Sachdev
    The Quint has been among the best online media groups and my favourite to get the latest news and a trusted version of what's happening in our world. Excellent articles, well-researched facts and breaking news, make The Quint a great place to stay informed. Love following the investigation, community, social news, sports, and health bytes. Your special project and ground reports deserve kudos too. Keep up the good work!
  • Swati Vaidya
    Hi everyone at The Quint, greetings and thank you all for your credible journalism. I am impressed by the special documentaries made on Sundarban villagers, COVID orphans, and recently screened Ba- ijjat Bari. Wishing you all the best of skills, chances and health in your endeavours. - Swati Vaidya
  • ManinderBir
    You guys are rocking. As of now I have seen only one documentary, 'Baizzat Bari'. It was awesome, it needs courage to highlight these topics.Thank you. Keep moving, keep rocking. Hoping for more transparency and valued journalism.
  • Eric Pinto
    The Quint has been one of the most outspoken of News portals, especially in news that matter but not headlined in mainstream media. Some of the Quint exposes worth mentioning are the mismatch in the numbers of votes cast and validated in the last general elections as well as in some other Indian states. Another is the documentation of anti minority action by majoritarian communities which are not brought out by mainstream media.
  • Ravi M
    By now it is quite obvious too all that barring a couple, media houses have started relying on government advertisements. Whoever keeps the platform profitable will be served, in this case the advertisers. All such channels are colloquially referred to as GODI MEDIA these days. I stopped watching them 5 years back and leaned toward Internet news portals and came across the Quint. Since then, I have been a regular viewer and reader of Quint, I love 'Janab Aise Kaise', 'I Have a Question' and investigative reporting by Poonam, the on-the-ground reports by Asmita, editorials of Raghav ji and 'Yeh Jo India Hai Na' by Rohit ji. I frequently check the Webqoof before I do my own fact check to save time, I visit the section almost 2-3 times a week. The citizen journalist section is definitely an innovative one as it democratises the news platform for many who want to tell their story but lack the means. The makings of 'Lynchistan', 'Mission Hate', 'Baizzat Bari', the piece on electoral bonds by Poonam are all top class new stories that show the quality of work done by team Quint.