Frequently Asked Questions
What is the Q-Insider programme?
Q-Insiders are Quint members who empower our journalism and support standout initiatives such as WebQoof, My Report, and Special Projects. By supporting us with an amount of your choice, you help us remain independent and speak truth to power. If you seek something more, we have some Q-Insider perks exclusively for you. Membership plans start from just Rs 500.
What are the benefits of becoming a Q-Insider?
We offer multiple rewards depending on the membership plan you choose. These include The Quint’s premium ad-free subscription, invites to special screenings, brainstorms with our senior editors, exclusive webinars, curated newsletters, and much more. Choose your plan here to see your membership perks.
What are the different modes of payment for membership?
You can pay via credit/debit cards, UPI, digital wallets, and net-banking. We also facilitate international payments via PayPal.
Do I need to pay periodically for membership perks?
We offer both recurring as well as one-time plans and try to ensure that auto renewals are as seamless as possible. Once you become a member, sit back and enjoy the perks uninterrupted.
Can I cancel my membership?
We deeply value our relationship with you. All payments made are non-refundable; however, you can cancel your membership at any time from your profile page. The same will be processed from the next billing cycle. PS: We would hate to lose you though, so if there are any queries or grievances about your membership, please write to us at, and we’ll get back pronto!
Do I need to provide GST?
Proper GST invoices will be issued for corporate transactions with GST numbers. If you are an individual not registered under GST, providing a GST number is not mandatory. All membership contributions are inclusive of GST.
Do you accept cash?
We appreciate your interest to support The Quint’s initiatives, but we don’t accept cash submissions.
Can I transfer my membership to someone else?
All Q-Insider perks are non-transferable and are exclusively for the subscriber. If you wish to share the benefits, do recommend our membership plans to your friends and loved ones.
I want a membership for my entire group. What to do?
The more, the merrier! We do not offer bulk memberships at the moment — so all individuals will have to sign up for their chosen plans. Our team shall keep you updated on group plans and referrals once we get those going.
Do you provide donation certificates for these payments?
Payments made towards membership do not fall under donations. Your support helps fund and further our journalism, support our editorial initiatives, and cover the logistics of producing in-depth stories.