The Quint’s Membership
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Becoming a Quint Member

Q. What is The Quint’s membership all about?

The Quint's special projects, investigations, and fact-checks make us stand out in the clutter of mainstream media. But producing these stories takes up time, resources, and risks borne by our on-ground reporters. That's where our Quint Members come in.

By financially empowering our journalism, Quint Members ensure that these stories reach a wider audience and keep independent journalism alive. As part of their membership, they enjoy a host of perks listed below and detailed HERE.

Q. How can I become a Quint Member?

There are two ways to become a Quint Member:

  1. Pay to support our journalism and help us do what we do better. CLICK HERE.
  2. Help us complete a Special Project. CLICK HERE.

If you are an existing Quint Member and want to support a Special Project, you can do that HERE. Your existing membership will get topped up — we’ll add the number of months to your existing membership depending on the plan you choose!

Q. What are the perks of becoming a member?

All Quint Members enjoy a host of perks, including:

  • Access to all paywalled content
  • Ad-free experience on The Quint
  • Early previews of our Special Projects
  • Report for us as a Citizen Journalist
  • Get fake news verified by Team WebQoof
  • Private members’ group
  • Exclusive member events
  • Curated members-only newsletters

Premium Quint Members (₹5000+) also get:

  • Credit mention in our Special Projects
  • An exclusive goodie bag
  • A chance to write for our Members' Opinion column

Read about these perks in detail HERE. We are always working on improving our member’s experience so these perks may change over time. We’ll keep you posted!

Q. What are the different modes of payment for The Quint’s membership?

You can pay to become a Quint Member via credit/debit cards, UPI, digital wallets, and net banking. We also facilitate international payments (outside of India) for membership via PayPal and Stripe.

Q. Do you accept payment for The Quint’s membership via cash or cheque?

We do not accept cash payments for The Quint’s membership. If you would like to pay for your membership via cheque, please write to us at and we’ll share the details with you.

Q. Do I need to pay periodically for The Quint’s membership?

We offer both recurring as well as one-time membership plans on our website. With a recurring plan, the auto-renewal of your membership will be seamless and you can enjoy our membership perks uninterrupted!

Q. Do I need to provide a GST number?

Proper GST invoices will be issued for corporate transactions with GST numbers. If you are an individual not registered under GST, providing a GST number is not mandatory. All payments for The Quint’s membership are inclusive of GST.

Q. Do you provide a donation certificate for payment towards The Quint’s membership? OR Can I claim tax deductions on the amount paid for The Quint’s membership?

Payments made towards The Quint’s membership do not fall under donations. You cannot claim tax deductions, under the Income Tax Act, on the amount paid for The Quint’s membership.

Your support helps in the ideation and completion of our projects, to grow and maintain the quality of our journalism.

Q. I am a student. Can I get a discount on The Quint’s membership?

We periodically run discounts for students on the website. You’ll get to know about it on our social media, so don’t forget to follow us!

You can also click the ‘Apply Coupon’ button under our membership plans HERE, to check if a discount is active. Don’t see it? Email us at and we’ll help you with this.

Q. I want The Quint’s membership for my entire group/organisation. How can I get that?

The more, the merrier! We do not offer bulk memberships on the website at the moment. Write to us at and we’ll help you with this.

Gifting a Membership

Q. How can I gift a membership of The Quint?

To gift a membership of The Quint, follow these steps:

  • Go to
  • Click on the Become a Member button on top of the page or CLICK HERE
  • Select a membership plan
  • Click on Send as Gift
  • Enter the Recipient's Name, Recipient's Email ID, and a Personal Note for the person you are gifting the membership to
  • Agree to the Terms and Conditions
  • Click on Save & Pay; it will show you Added To Cart
  • Make your payment using your preferred mode of payment

Q. How will the person I gifted the membership know they received it?

The recipient will receive an email notification with the gift, along with the details of their membership plan.

Q. Where will the person I gifted the membership to see my personal note?

When you gift a membership to another person, they can see your personal note in their profile after they log in on The Quint's website. Note that they need to log in using the email ID provided by you in the form while gifting them the membership.

Q. I have been gifted a membership of The Quint. How do I enjoy the member benefits?

If you have been gifted a membership of The Quint, here's how you can log in and enjoy your member benefits:

  • Go to
  • Click on the log-in icon at the top of the page
  • Click on Login if you have previously registered on The Quint's website; if not, click on Register
  • Once you register or log in, you will be able to enjoy your member benefits

Q. I have been gifted a membership of The Quint. How can I view the personal message written by the sender?

To view the personal message from the person who gifted you a membership, follow these steps:

  • Go to
  • Click on the log-in icon at the top of the page
  • Once logged in, click on the same icon > Click on 'My Profile' > Navigate to 'Gifter's Message' to see their personal note

Q. I want to gift memberships to multiple people. Can I do that in one go?

Currently, we don't have a provision for gifting a membership to multiple people in one go. However, you can follow the steps listed above for each person to gift them a membership.

As a Quint Member

Q. I became a Quint Member but I am still seeing ads on the website and/or am unable to read paywalled stories. What should I do?

Make sure you are logged in on The Quint’s website with the email ID that you used while making your payment for The Quint’s membership.

Here are the steps:

  • Go to
  • Click on the log-in icon at the top of the page
  • Sign in with the email ID you used while making your payment for The Quint’s membership

Still facing an issue? Write to us at

Q. Can I cancel my membership? How?

We deeply value your support and would hate to see you go! All payments made towards The Quint’s membership are non-refundable. However, you may cancel your membership at any time from your profile page on the website. The same will be processed from the next billing cycle.

How can we do better? Give us your feedback HERE.

Q. Can I transfer my membership to someone else?

All membership perks are strictly non-transferable. If you wish to share the perks, you can recommend The Quint’s membership to your loved ones. We’d love to have them on board!

Submitting a Member’s Opinion Article

Q. Can I submit an article to be published on your website?

Yes! Become a Premium Member of The Quint by clicking HERE, choosing the Premium Plan (₹5000), and making your payment.

As a Premium Member, you can publish one article per month in our Member’s Opinion column. Check out some of the previously published articles HERE.

Q. I am a Premium Quint Member. How can I submit an article to your Member’s Opinion column?

You can email us your article at Please go through this FAQ section fully before sending your pitch/submission.

Q. How many articles can I publish as a Premium Quint Member? Why is there a cap on this?

Premium Quint Members can publish only one article per month in our Members' Opinion column. We believe that it is necessary to maintain the quality of stories on our platform.

Q. Can I submit my article in a language other than English?

Articles can be submitted in either English or Hindi. If you submit an article in Hindi, it will be published on the Quint Hindi website (

Q. How long should my article be? What points should I keep in mind while writing an article for The Quint’s Member’s Opinion column?

Here are the basic editorial guidelines for our Member’s Opinion column:

  1. We prefer well-researched articles written in a comprehensible manner.
  2. The maximum length is 800 words.
  3. We prefer articles dealing with current issues with a clear focus.
  4. The article has to be well-organised with 2-3 subheadings.
  5. Please feel free to share a tentative headline and a one-line description. We’ll try to accommodate the suggested headline but may alter it to suit our style.
  6. All sources have to be cited with hyperlinks.
  7. Graphs and diagrams are welcome.

Q. Can I use ChatGPT or other AI tools to write text or create multimedia content for an article that I am submitting to the Member’s Opinion column?

At present, The Quint does not allow the use of artificial intelligence (AI) for the creation of textual and multimedia materials intended for publication on our website. We request all contributors to abstain from employing AI chatbots or similar technologies for content generation. Any instances of such usage will result in the immediate removal of the respective article or content from the website.

Given the dynamic nature of the AI landscape, we are currently in the process of formulating an AI policy aimed at fostering its ethical and responsible usage.

If you have doubts or queries about whether the use of AI is allowed or not in a particular situation/story, we kindly request that you reach out to us in advance for clarification.

Q. I am a Premium Quint Member and I submitted an article for publication. What are the next steps?

While we prioritise articles submitted by our members, each article goes through a comprehensive editorial review. Please allow us 4-5 working days to get back to you regarding your submission.

Articles are subject to revisions and updates to ensure accuracy, relevance, and the inclusion of new information. Our team will work with you if your article requires a revision or update.

We continue to provide a fair and transparent process for article submissions. All articles are reviewed by our editorial team to ensure that they meet our high standards for quality and relevance.

Q. I have more queries regarding these topics/The Quint’s membership. How can I contact you?

We’re all ears! Email us at