Bad Posture: Effects of Bad Posture on Health

Know how can bad posture affect our overall health.

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Covid-19 not only took a toll on us but also on our lifestyle. The entire world was locked inside the house and the students, and employees attended classes and worked online.

Sitting for long hours on laptops and computers or using mobile phones for long hours can affect the posture. But posture not only causes cervical problems but various other health complications.

Covid brought a posture problem. Whether it's the result of sitting at a desk, looking down at a smartphone or lounging on a couch, poor posture has been the enemy of people of all ages.

Back and neck problems are the top problems of bad posture among others – such as poor balance, headaches, and breathing difficulties. Let's have a look at the effects of bad posture in detail.


Heartburn and Digestion Issues

Heartburn and slowed digestion are among the major problems caused due to improper posture. Slouched posture after a meal can cause heartburn as a result of acid reflux (when stomach acid squirts back up into the esophagus). The slouched position puts pressure on the abdomen, forcing the stomach acid in the wrong direction.

According to US NIH, the continuous pressure caused due to sitting can affect the lower intestines too. Food moves through the digestive system much slower and it becomes more difficult for the body to move the food through us. This causes bloating and constipation.


Poor posture causes discomfort in the neck and shoulders. According to the doctors of Mayo Clinic, there is a relationship between migraine and neck pain. According to Dr. Rashmi Halker Singh, a neurologist at Mayo Clinic “neck pain is a very common symptom of migraine. It’s actually much more frequent than nausea,” she says. “And neck pain is also highly predictive of migraine onset.”

Research has proved that improper posture and strain on the neck can trigger neck pain which can further result in headaches and migraines.

Hinders Sleep 

According to the Sleep Foundation, posture also affects sleep quality in children and adolescents. Children with Down syndrome, fall asleep in unique positions which increases the risk for sleep apnea and makes it difficult for a child to get enough sleep. Symptoms of sleep apnea include loud snoring, difficulty in breathing, daytime fatigue, headaches, and lack of concentration.


Hinders the Functioning of Lungs 

Overworking the muscles around the lungs leads to tightness and soreness. Hunching for a long period can reduce lung function over a period of time. If we hunch too much, it has an impact on our lungs. This can lead to a lack of oxygen supply to other tissues of our body which can lead to heart disease, shortness of breath, and cloudy thinking.

When we sit in a slouched posture, our abdomen is compressed and there is no room for the organs to move out of the way, which thus limits the ability of the diaphragm and intercostals to expand the lungs. This reduced expansion significantly reduces the lung's capacity to take in oxygen.

Risk of Arthritis 

According to the US NIH, poor posture can have serious effects on your health. Poor posture is not only bad for our body and our mentality but prolonged periods of poor posture can increase the risk of chronic conditions like back pain, headaches, and arthritis.

Poor posture increases the pressure on your spine thus speeding up osteoarthritis. Research proves that poor posture increases the risk of spinal-related conditions.

According to the doctors, for every inch the head is thrust forward from the shoulders, extra pressure is induced to the lower back. Severe slouching can put up to 42 pounds of pressure on the lower back. This is not only uncomfortable and painful, but it can also speed up osteoarthritis.

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