Bigg Boss 17, Day 16 Written Episode: Aishwarya and Vicky Break Into a Fight

Bigg Boss 17, Day 16: Know about the drama that took place inside the Bigg Boss House on Monday, 30 October 2023.

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Bigg Boss 17 Day 16 aired on Monday, 30 October 2023, began with the contestants waking up to the Bigg Boss theme song. Vicky, Aishwarya, Neil, Ankita, Isha, and Samarth are seen having a conversation where Vicky asks Neil about his marriage. He asks if Aishwarya was the same while they were dating and Neil says they never dated. They directly married each other.

Vicky makes some jokes about their marriage which annoys Aishwarya. On the other hand, Arun Mashettey and Munawar Faruqui argue about wasting food. Munawar asks Arun to not waste food like he did with the dal last day. Arun replies that he never wastes food, however, he had to throw the dal because it turned bad. Munawar gets a little disturbed by Arun's tone.


Khanzaadi enters the fight and says Arun always talks in a bad manner. Both Arun and Khanzaadi get into a fight. As the episode proceeds, Neil and Aishwarya argue about Vicky Jain's comments on their marriage.

Aishwarya argues with Neil for not stopping him and the latter says that he tried to shut Vicky. He did not entertain his views on their marriage. However, Aishwarya does not sound convinced and starts yelling at him. Neil asks her to keep a low tone but she does not listen so he leaves the conversation.

Later, while having a conversation, Aishwarya brings up the jokes that Vicky made about their marriage. Both of them get into an ugly fight while others watch them. Neil enters the fight and charges at Vicky. Both Neil and Aishwarya fight with Vicky for his silly comments on women and marriage.

The other contestants are forced to interfere to stop their fight. Ankita Lokhande tries to pacify Aishwarya and Neil by saying that Vicky does not want to hurt or target anybody. He is just joking because he used to share that equation with Aishwarya but now he must stop.

When Aishwarya is talking to Rinku and Mannara, Isha is also present in the room. Isha goes and tells Vicky that Mannara commented on his marriage with Ankita. When Vicky asks Mannara about the statement, the latter denies it. Manasvi Mamgai, Rinku, and Aishwarya support Mannara while Isha sticks to her point.

Manasvi and Isha get into a fight regarding this. Mannara swears to her mother that she did not make the statement about their marriage because she wants to stay friends with Vicky and Ankita.

Later in the episode today, Abhishek asks Isha when she decided to move on from him and start dating Samarth. Isha says that she started dating him around October/November because she got the respect she deserved. Abhishek seems to get a little hurt by her words and enters the washroom. Isha and Aishwarya think he is crying inside.

Isha tells Samarth about this and he riles up. He goes to fight with Abhishek but he is in the shower. Abhishek comes out of the washroom and both of them fight. The fight gets intense when both start abusing each other.

Abhishek insults Samarth's mother and this leads to an intense fight. The other contestants in the BB house jump in to stop the fight but both carry on. They are about to beat each other up but the contestants stop them.


Once the fight resolves, Abhishek goes to ask for forgiveness but Samarth is too angry so Isha asks him to leave. He also tries to talk to Isha but she does not listen. She believes it is best to not talk. Other contestants think Isha is playing with both the boys.

Soon we see Abhishek and Samarth try to resolve their issue by talking. Samarth asks Abhishek to not abuse him no matter what happens otherwise he will get angry. Abhishek says he will speak if the other person starts abusing him. Both of them stop talking when their opinions don't match.

Afterwards, everyone gathered in the drawing area and Ankita made an announcement. Bigg Boss rewarded Makaan No 2's housemates with Appy Fizz for playing properly. Makaan No 2 includes Rinku, Munawar, Mannara, Khanzaadi, and Naved. Their pictures were also present on the Appy Fizz bottles and this made Mannara excited.

Munawar and Mannara go to have a chat with Bigg Boss. He asks Munawar about his mistake in the game. Munawar replies that he is being the bridge even though Bigg Boss asked him not to. He should be more cautious and play his own game. Bigg Boss asks him to be the talk of the town rather than being friends with everyone. He also tells him about Mannara's complaint that he is not putting forward his opinions.

Both of them end their conversation and come out of the room after thanking Bigg Boss. Outside, Abhishek is talking to others when Khanzaadi hugs him. He says that was his best moment in the house.

Towards the end of the episode, Munawar and Mannara have a deep conversation where the former speaks about his life outside the show. He says that he is committed right now and was also married earlier, but got divorced a year back. He also speaks about his five-year-old son who watches all his songs and posts on Instagram.

That is all for today's episode and all the drama that took place inside the Bigg Boss House on Monday.

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