The recently passed CAA, the proposed NRC and the NPR have raised many questions and concerns.
The recently passed CAA, the proposed NRC and the NPR have raised many questions and concerns.(Photo: Erum Gour/The Quint)
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Dear Virat Kohli, Read This So You Can Understand CAA-NRC-NPR

(As nationwide anti-CAA protests gathered steam, on 4 January, Virat Kohli demurred when asked his opinion about the issue: “I don’t want to be irresponsible and speak on something that has radical opinions on both sides. I need to have total information, total knowledge of what it means and what is going on, then be responsible to give my opinion on it.”)

The recently passed Citizenship (Amendment Act), 2019 (CAA), the proposed All India National Register of Citizens (NRC) and the National Population Register (NPR) have raised many questions and concerns. These concerns have also turned into countrywide protests.

The government has tried to provide some clarifications through the Press Information Bureau (PIB), over Twitter, and other social media platforms. Unfortunately, many of these clarifications seem vague and lacking in detail, and seem to be issued without legal authority. Nothing in these clarifications or the prime minister’s address of 22 December 2019 sheds light on the finer details of how the CAA and the NRC would function, leaving several questions unanswered.


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