Bigg Boss OTT 2 Episode 52 Written Update: Pooja and Bebika Become Finalists

Bigg Boss OTT 2 episode 52 on 7 August 2023: Read full update here.

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The new day begins in the Bigg Boss Day and Pooja is seen missing Jad. Manisha and Elvish are seen having a fun banter over a hug. Pooja asks Jiah to be herself in the game and not be friends with Manisha for the game. Abhishek mentions that if Bigg Boss offers 10 lacs in the finale, he will take it since he feels he won’t win the game. Bebika shows her voice-over skills while talking to Abhishek and Elvish feels she’s doing all this to save herself from the nomination. Bebika confesses that she’s possessive about Abhishek. Bebika and Manisha get dressed in saree to tease Elvish and Abhishek.

Bigg Boss announces that today is the last nomination of the season and people who are safe today will join Abhishek in the finale. He also announces that the Room of Truth' will get activated today. The nomination will be a competition between three groups- Manisha and Elvish, Jiah and Abhishek, and Bebika with Pooja. Abhishek will not get nominated today. Every team will get a chance to enter the room of truth wherein a team member will sit on the chair and criticize the other contestants truthfully for roughly 27 minutes while the other team member will keep track of the time and ring the gong after he feels the time is over. The team who completes the task in the above-mentioned time limit, they will win the task.


The first team is Bebika and Pooja. Bebika will go to the activity area while Pooja will keep track of time. Outside in the hall, other contestants try distracting Pooja. During the task, Bebika feels that Pooja is an emotional mess and gets betrayed by people easily. She feels that Manisha is quite flirtatious but the man whom she will love will be a lucky man. She wants to be friends with Elvish for life and then mentions Abhishek as an interesting contestant. She feels that Abhishek has feelings for her since the beginning but he didn‘t show it. Bebika feels that Jiah is shady and untrustworthy. Then Pooja rings the gong and says that she is proud of Bebika. The next group is Jiah and Abhishek. Jiah enters the activity area and starts her speech with Pooja. Bebika sits on Abhishek’s lap to distract him. Pooja asks her to not embarrass him anymore. Jiah breaks down in between while talking about Pooja and how she has misunderstood her in the entire game. Jiah feels that Manisha doesn’t change her perspective about people but she is good by heart. Manisha comes in between and tries to distract Abhishek by counting numbers and reading tables aloud. Abhishek asks his friends if he should ring the gong beforehand but Manisha denies it and she asks him to play fair.

Abhishek rings the gong. The next group is Elvish and Manisha. Manisha enters the truth room and begins with Bebika’s discussion. Pooja scares Elvish that she will sit on his lap to distract him. Pooja distracts Elvish by flirting with him. Manisha talks about Elvish and says how he makes her laugh and she likes his gangster vibe. She asks Elvish to confess his love for her. Then she talks about how Abhishek is fearless and puts forward his opinions quite nicely. She feels lucky that she got an opportunity to live with Pooja. She also feels that Pooja’s behavior has changed towards her after Elvish’s entry. In the middle, Elvish comes and rings the gong.

Bigg Boss announced the timings for the teams and Pooja’s timing was the nearest which was around 30 minutes thus the team saved themselves from the nomination and enter the finale. Elvish doubts Bigg Boss’s results to which Bigg Boss announces that people can watch the uncut version on Jiocinema else they can telecast it in the show as well but Elvish doesn’t accept the offer and apologizes for doubting Bigg Boss. Later, Abhishek apologized to Jiah since she lost the task and later he was seen teasing Manisha and Elvish. Manisha and Elvish were seen in a fun banter where she wishes that he goes through a breakup and comes to Manisha but Elvish makes it clear that the joke about Manisha liking him is going too far.

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