Bigg Boss 16, 9 January 2023 Episode 101 Written Update: A Twist in Nomination

Here's the full written update of Bigg Boss 16, 9 January 2023 Day 101.

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Bigg Boss 16, 9 January Full Written Update Day 101:The episode starts with morning anthem. Archana is disappointed and wants someone to guide and motivate her. She tells Abdu not to sleep because he is the captain. He says you are no one to tell me that.

Bigg Boss calls all contestants into the living room. He tells them some VVIPs will arrive in the house and they will be asked to freeze and release from time to time. They have to play the task carefully otherwise they will lose their ration.

Bigg Boss tells freeze and announces the entry of Farah Khan. She tells Sajid not to lose the ration. She hugs and cries and tells Sajid that she and mama is proud of him. Farah meets Shiv and hugs him saying I sent one brother but got three brothers in return. She calls Sumbul her bacha and kisses her saying she loves her.


Bigg Boss releases Sajid, he hugs Farah and wishes her happy birthday. Farah tells Sajid that she will be staying till morning. She calls Archana patakha, hugs Nimrit and thanks her for handling Sajid well. Farah called Abdu baby angel and hugs him tight.

Bigg Boss releases all contestants and Farah hugs them all. Farah calls Bigg Boss's Deepika Padukone to Priyanka and tells her that Ankit has sent a message for you saying he misses her a lot. Farah tells that this is the biggest season after Sidharth Shukla's season. She tells Tina that her mother has become celebrity because she fought with Shalin's mother.

Bigg Boss freezes Sumbul. Farah tells Shalin that your and Tina's love story is the boring love story ever. Bigg Boss releases Sumbul. She tells Shalin that he mimics Shahrukh Khan.


Bigg Boss tells all housemates to freeze and welcomes Shiv's mother. Shiv's mother hugs Shiv and tells him not to cry but win. She appreciates Priyanka and calls her princess. Shiv is released and he introduces all housemates to her mother. Asha Ji, Shiv's mother hugs Abdu, Sajid, Soundarya, Nimrit, Tina, and Shalin. She advises Shalin to play nicely and not get involved into love and all.

Nimrit and Shiv give a house tour to Asha Ji. Archana apologizes Farah for fighting with Sajid. She says if you won't fight then what is there to watch in the house.

Bigg Boss tells all housemates to freeze and welcomes Priyanka's brother Yogesh. Bigg Boss releases Priyanka and she hugs her brother. Priyanka introduces her brother to everyone. She says Nimrit is her best friend and both laugh.


Bigg Boss announces that since Farah, Asha Ji, and Yogesh are here for Sajid, Shiv, and Priyanka, they won't participate in any task today, instead their sister, mother, and brother will.

Shalin tells Tina that we should separate from each other and should stay apart and that is good for game. He tells her that we should live our lives and that is best for us.

Farah tells Archana that her nature is liked by most people but some people doesn't like her tone. Archana replies that she is from Meerut and that is why I am like this.


Bigg Boss gives a new task to housemates in which Farah, Asha Ji, and Yogesh will participate instead of Sajid, Shiv, and Priyanka. He divides housemates into three categories.

Hyperactive: Archana, Shiv Sajid, and Priyanka.

Active Category: Tina, Shiv Shalin, Soundarya, and Abdu

Lost Category: They are popular but directionless. MC Stan, Nimrit, Sreejita, and Sumbul.

Farah Khan is called into the confession room. Bigg Boss says it is not just a nomination but also a chance to win prize money. If hyperactive category is nominated 5 lakh prize money will be back, if active category will be nominated then 10 lakh prize money will be back and if lost category is nominated then 20 lakh prize money will be back. She says I want the prize money back and nominates lost category.


Bigg Boss calls Archana into the confession room and tells same thing to her. She says obviously I will nominate lost category because they are actually lost and have less contribution.

Bigg Boss calls MC Stan into the confession room and explains him about the nomination task. He nominates lost category because he thinks the others worked hard compared to lost category and also says that he wants to win back the lost prize money.

Bigg Boss calls Asha Ji into the confession room. She first nominates Shiv but Bigg Boss tells her then the prize money will be less and she nominates Tina.

Soundarya nominates lost category and says that she wants to earn the prize money back.

Tina nominates lost category and says each of them are less deserving compared to others.


Sumbul nominates active category and says that the main reason is because of Tina and Shalin.

Nimrit nominates active category and also says that the main reason is Tina and Shalin.

Yogesh nominates lost category and says that the prize money is important.

Abdu nominates hyperactive category. MC Stan nominates active category because he feels Tina and Shalin are fake.

Sreejita nominates active group saying Tina is in that group and also prize money is 10 lakhs.

Bigg Boss announces that since majority of people nominated lost category therefore Nimrit, MC Stan, Sumbul, Sreejita, and MC Stan are nominated. Priyanka, Archana and others tease Abdu for choosing only 5 lakh and nominating hyperactive category.

The episode ends here.

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