Starfield: Everything You Need To Know About Bethesda's Epic Sci-Fi RPG

Missed Bethesda's much-anticipated Starfield Direct stream on YouTube? Don't worry, we've got you covered.

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Are you ready to explore the final frontier? If you are a fan of sci-fi games, you must have heard of Starfield, the upcoming RPG from Bethesda, the makers of Fallout and The Elder Scrolls.

Starfield is set in a vast and diverse galaxy, where you can create your own character, customise your spaceship, and embark on a grand adventure among the stars.

But how much do we really know about Starfield? Well, thanks to the Starfield Direct event that aired on 11 June 2023, we now have a lot more information and gameplay footage to get excited about.

Starfield Direct was a special showcase that followed the Xbox Games Showcase 2023, where Microsoft revealed some of the most anticipated games for Xbox Series X/S and PC.

But just in case you haven't watched the event when it was streamed, don't worry – we got you covered.

We summarise the biggest announcements and highlights from Starfield Direct. Read why you should be hyped for this game.


A New Trailer That Promises a Stunning Space Odyssey

The first thing that Starfield Direct showed us was a new trailer that gave us a glimpse of the Starfield universe. The trailer was narrated by a mysterious voice that said: "You are part of Constellation now. Part of our family. What you have found, it's the key to unlocking everything."

The trailer then showed us some stunning scenes of different planets, star systems, and spaceships. We saw lush forests, barren deserts, icy moons, and alien ruins. We also saw some of the factions and characters that we will encounter in Starfield, such as explorers, pirates, mercenaries, and scientists.

The trailer also gave us a sneak peek of how the game will actually play. We saw some gameplay elements such as dialogue options, inventory management, combat, and space flight. The trailer ended with a shot of a mysterious artifact that seemed to be connected to the secrets of the galaxy.

The trailer was impressive and captivating, and it showed us that Starfield is not just another sci-fi game. It is a game that aims to create a realistic and immersive space simulation, where every planet, every star, and every ship has its own history, culture, and physics.

A Confirmation That Take-Off and Landing Are Cutscenes

One of the questions that many fans had about Starfield was how space flight would work in the game.

Would we be able to pilot our spaceship freely in space, or would it be scripted and linear? Well, Starfield Direct answered that question by confirming that take-off and landing during space flight takes place during cutscenes.

This means that we won't have direct control over our spaceship when we leave or enter a planet's atmosphere. Instead, we will watch a cinematic sequence that shows us our ship's journey from one point to another. This might sound disappointing to some fans who wanted more freedom and interactivity in space flight, but it also has some advantages.

For one thing, it allows Bethesda to create more detailed and realistic planets and environments, without having to worry about loading times or performance issues. It also allows them to create more dramatic and cinematic moments during space travel, such as encountering enemies or anomalies in space.

Moreover, it doesn't mean that we won't have any control over our spaceship at all. We will still be able to choose our destination from a map of the galaxy, and we will still be able to explore space in between planets.

We will also be able to customise our spaceship with different parts and modules, such as weapons, engines, shields, scanners, etc.

A Breakdown of the Factions, Planets, and Star Systems

Another thing that Starfield Direct revealed was more information about the factions, planets, and star systems that we will encounter in Starfield.

The game will feature several factions that have different ideologies, goals, and agendas in the galaxy. Some of them are friendly and cooperative, while others are hostile and competitive.

One of the main factions is Constellation, which is an organisation of explorers and pioneers who seek to discover new worlds and secrets in the galaxy.

Constellation is also the faction that we will join as players in Starfield. Another faction is The United Colonies (UC), which is a federation of human colonies that strive for peace and democracy in the galaxy. The UC is often at odds with The Freestar Collective (FSC), which is a coalition of independent colonies that value freedom and autonomy over authority and order.

Other factions include The Crimson Fleet (CF), which is a group of ruthless pirates and raiders who plunder and pillage other ships and settlements;

The House of Krux (HK), which is a mysterious cult that worships an ancient alien race; The Ecliptic Mercenaries (EM), which is a band of mercenaries and bounty hunters who work for the highest bidder; and The Xenofresh (XF), which is a corporation that specialises in harvesting and trading alien resources and technology.

Missed Bethesda's much-anticipated Starfield Direct stream on YouTube? Don't worry, we've got you covered.

Starfield will also feature several planets and star systems that we can visit and explore in the game. Each planet and star system will have its own unique features, such as climate, terrain, flora, fauna, culture, history, etc. Some of the planets and star systems that were shown in Starfield Direct include:

- Akila: A planet that is home to the capital of the Freestar Collective. It has a rugged and diverse landscape, with mountains, canyons, forests, and deserts. It also has a large wall that divides the planet into two regions: one that is controlled by the FSC, and one that is contested by various factions.

- Neon: A planet that is covered by a vast ocean, with only a few artificial islands on the surface. It is the headquarters of the Xenofresh corporation, which operates a massive fishery that harvests exotic and valuable fish from the depths of the ocean.

- New Atlantis: A planet that is the seat of power of the United Colonies. It is a highly advanced and urbanized planet, with skyscrapers, monorails, and holograms. It is also a melting pot of different cultures and races, as it welcomes immigrants and refugees from all over the galaxy.

- Kvinna: A planet that is a frozen wasteland, with glaciers, snowstorms, and icebergs. It is the home of the House of Krux, which has built a massive temple on the planet's north pole. The temple is rumored to contain secrets and relics of an ancient alien civilization.

Missed Bethesda's much-anticipated Starfield Direct stream on YouTube? Don't worry, we've got you covered.

A Showcase of the Customization Options

One of the most exciting features of Starfield is the customization options that it offers to players. Starfield Direct showed us some of the ways that we can customize our character and our spaceship in the game.

For our character, we can choose from various options such as gender, race, appearance, background, skills, perks, etc. We can also equip our character with different outfits, weapons, gadgets, etc. that we find or craft in the game. Our character's choices and actions will also affect their reputation and relationships with different factions and characters in the game.

For our spaceship, we can choose from different models and classes, such as scout, fighter, cruiser, etc. We can also modify our spaceship with different parts and modules that affect its performance and functionality. For example, we can upgrade our spaceship's engine to increase its speed and maneuverability; we can install weapons to increase its firepower and defense; we can add scanners to detect enemies and anomalies; etc.

Missed Bethesda's much-anticipated Starfield Direct stream on YouTube? Don't worry, we've got you covered.

We can also decorate our spaceship with different items and trophies that we collect in our travels. Our spaceship will also serve as our base of operations in the game, where we can store our inventory, craft items, rest, etc.


A Demonstration of How Choices and Consequences Work

Finally, Starfield Direct showed us how choices and consequences work in Starfield. The game will feature a dynamic and reactive world that changes based on our actions and decisions. For example:

  • We can choose to ally with or oppose different factions in the game. This will affect how they treat us, what missions they offer us, what rewards they give us, etc.

  • We can choose to follow or ignore the main story quest in the game. This will affect how the story unfolds, what secrets we discover, what endings we get, etc.

  • We can choose to be peaceful or violent in our interactions with other characters. This will affect how they react to us, what dialogue options we have, what outcomes we get, etc.

  • We can choose to explore or ignore different planets and star systems in the game. This will affect what we see, what we find, what we experience, etc.

Starfield will also feature random events and encounters that can happen at any time in the game. For example:

  • We can encounter enemies or allies in space or on planets. We can choose to fight them or flee from them.

  • We can encounter anomalies or hazards in space or on planets. We can choose to investigate them or avoid them.

  • We can encounter quests or opportunities in space or on planets. We can choose to accept them or decline them.

These events and encounters will add variety and unpredictability to our gameplay experience.

Starfield Direct was an amazing event that gave us a lot of new information and gameplay footage about Starfield. The game looks stunning and promising, and it seems to offer a lot of freedom and fun for sci-fi fans.

And if you are excited about Starfield, September 6th isn't too far away! Starfield will be available on PC and on XBox Series X/S consoles.

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