Happy Navratri! Special Bhog For Kumari Pujan

Navratri is incomplete without Kanya Puja. Savita Maurya shows us how she prepares this special bhog.

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Camera: Shiv Kumar Maurya

Video Editor: Prajjwal Kumar

The ultimate ritual of Navratri is Kanya Pujan being performed on Ashtami and Navmi. The 9 days long fast of devotees come to an end by worshipping 9 female children and offering them the special bhog.

The way paparazzis follow a celeb, similarly you have to give full attention to these little munchkins and invite them over for Kanya Pujan. It is believed that the girls are the incarnation of Goddess Durga and worshipping them on the last day will bless the devotees with knowledge, supremacy and good fortune. And that is the reason why you can't find small girls on Ashtami and Navmi.

Finding girls for Kanya Pujan might be difficult but cooking early morning special Navratri Bhog for them is not.

<div class="paragraphs"><p>Navratri Thali.</p></div>

Navratri Thali.

The special Navratri Bhog mainly consists of Puri, Halwa, Sabzi and Chane. The food has to be onion and garlic free and less spicy so kids can eat and enjoy the ride of an wholesome meal.

<div class="paragraphs"><p>Aloo Ki Sabzi.</p></div>

Aloo Ki Sabzi.

The Aloo ki Sabzi is practically eaten across the country and can be made quickly with spices usually found in Indian household. But keep in mind to use whole chillies and not the chopped ones, so the kids can remove it and enjoy Aloo Ki Sabzi.

<div class="paragraphs"><p>Sooji Ka Halwa.</p></div>

Sooji Ka Halwa.

Next we have in Navratri Thali is Sooji ka Halwa which is the must-have and most essential for the Bhog. Prepared in ghee and garnished with nuts, this Sooji Ka Halwa is the perfect dessert for the kids.

<div class="paragraphs"><p>Sukhe Kaale Chane.</p></div>

Sukhe Kaale Chane.

A simple yet quickly prepared dish for thali is Sukhe Kaale Chane. Soak the Chane overnight and cook it next morning with Cumin seeds and Red Chilli in the oil.

<div class="paragraphs"><p>Garma Garam Poori.</p></div>

Garma Garam Poori.

The minimalistic yet tasty is Garma Garam Poori and no thali is complete without it. You better fry them once the girls start arriving and serve them the hot and puffed Pooris.

Happy Navratri! Special Bhog For Kumari Pujan

We hope your Navratri Bhog is sorted with this Thali. After feeding the little girls with Bhog, send them with gifts, seek blessings and you are all set to break your fast.


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