India’s Favourite McAloo Tikki Burger Set To Make It’s US Debut
Guess who is crossing over!
Guess who is crossing over!(Photo : TheQuint/Yagya Sachdeva)

India’s Favourite McAloo Tikki Burger Set To Make It’s US Debut

Good news for all those vegans out there in the US! McDonald’s has launched a new vegan option in Chicago, their global headquarters. The vegan burger launched in the US is none other than our favourite, 'McAloo Tikki'!

This burger is great news not just for vegans in the US, but also for Indians in the US, who miss this taste of their childhood.

(Photo: McDonald’s Blog)

How can anyone not love the comforting taste of a lovely samosa spiced patty? Onions and tomatoes gently brushed with a tangy egg less mayonnaise compressed between two beautiful golden buns! Sounds pretty gourmet to us.

McAloo Tikki is a burger that almost every Indian kid has grown up eating. Currently this is the only vegan sandwich option available in the US. Along with a more vegan-friendly menu, the company is also keen on bringing other global menus to their customers.

(Photo : Sneha Dhongadi)
Customers have expressed interest in items from McDonald’s restaurants located in India and we’re excited to offer them the opportunity to try the longtime vegetarian favourite, McAloo Tikki.
McDonald’s owner and operator Nick Karavite to Livekindly

So, who is the biggest Indo-US crossover this year? Priyanka Chopra or our beloved McAloo Tikki. Whatever the choice maybe, we love that both our desi girl and our desi khaana is being admired and adored.

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