Young Man Tested Positive For COVID-19 Talks About His Experience

In a candid account, Hrishi Gridhar a student at LSE and resident of Mumbai tells all about his COVID-19 experience

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Hrishi who’s a student at LSE and a resident of Mumbai, opens up about his experience after contracting COVID-19

With COVID-19 cases increasing in the country, people around the nation hold onto hope for a brighter tomorrow and those heroes that help us feel safe and protected are the medics who are working hard and relentlessly to make sure patients dealing with this terrible virus get the care and help they need.

And recently an account of a young boy from Mumbai who was diagnosed with the novel virus has brought to light how dedicated the service of the medical staff at the hospital he was admitted in, was.

Hrishi Giridhar, a resident of Mumbai who was studying in London, decided to return back home to India and happened to contract the virus. He shared his account with the Instagram page- ‘Humans of Bombay’, where he candidly spoke about his experience of being tested positive and the great staff at the Kasturba Hospital, Mumbai who have cheered him on while taking impeccable care of him.

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“I was in my college dorm in the UK when Covid-19 took an upsurge. It was scary because LSE had students from 45 countries, all returning to campus after winter break. It wasn’t long before someone on campus tested positive & panic spread. Students rushed back home. Until the very last minute, I was afraid to travel back. But when things worsened, I decided to go back to my family. As per protocol, I self-isolated for 2 weeks. My parents arranged for me to stay in our guest house and stocked it with essentials. On day 2, I started feeling fatigued, experienced body pains & a fever. I thought it was because I was tired and stressed. But on day 5, I fainted. When I regained consciousness, I told my parents. My family doctor suggested that I get tested. So I went to Kasturba & the next day my tests were positive. It was 2 AM, & I felt my stomach sinking. I tried to stay calm. I told my parents, who also reacted calmly. From there on, it was just a matter of listening to doctors & not losing hope. The next morning, I woke up to the news that an 18 year old boy died due to the virus. That’s when I decided to delete all my news apps. Just then, a nurse with a smile on her face got me breakfast, after which I was given my medicines. The most uplifting part was talking to the staff -- a nurse saw my Instagram profile & jokingly said I should play my guitar for all the patients! Believe it or not, the whole vibe of the hospital has been so cheerful and that’s really what kept all of us in the ward going. By day 5, all my symptoms had gone. 3 days back, I tested negative. I’ll be tested again before I’m discharged. I couldn’t have done this without friends & family, but most importantly, without the staff, who gave me everything, from medicines, to food, to comfort, to company, to hope—simply everything. Once I’m discharged, life would technically go back to normal, I’ll study for my exams, work on my music, play my guitar… but with a completely new perspective. A life lesson, that the unexpected can happen, & probably will at some point in everyone’s life… but the only way out is through love, kindness and hope. We’re all going to get through this.” #WorldHealthDay

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He also posted a more detailed account on his personal Instagram profile-

“My main aim of writing this post is to talk about the amazing care I have received so far from Kasturba Hospital, Mumbai. I also want to spread awareness about my symptoms,”
Hrishi Giridhar

Hrishi flew back from London due to the coronavirus outbreak and when he landed in Mumbai, no symptoms cropped up for the next two days, however on the third day he felt exhaustion, sleepiness and also caught a mild fever. His fever shot up the next day.

“I personally had NO respiratory symptoms. No sore or irritable throat, no coughing, no sneezing, nothing. There was vomiting one night and otherwise generally persistent fever and fatigue.”
Hrishi Giridhar

And soon after he fainted one day, while walking around his home. He injured his chin and broke a few teeth, but beyond the physical injuries, what was daunting was to get tested for COVID-19. He was taken to Kasturba hospital the same night he collapsed and after a simple throat swab, it took exactly 24 hours to get his results.

“The nurses and doctors on hand are friendly and helpful. Breakfast, lunch and dinner is served, which is usually roti, rice, two dals and a sabji and food and warm water is available 24x7. Nurses hand our some tablets (such as multivitamins) to all patients and they monitor if anyone has a fever or is feeling unwell in any way. They also go around giving people cough syrup, in case anyone requires it.”
Hrishi Giridhar

After the 24-hour wait, he was tested positive and had to be transferred to another ward. He was tested for BP, blood and X rays. He expressed that he felt he was taken really good care of, his environments were cleaned meticulously and sanitisers were kept in every single room.

“The doctors are nurses seem to know every patient and all their symptoms. I can only implore that everyone trusts that the doctors know what they are doing and are doing it to the best of their capacity. I have immense gratitude to everyone in the hospital who is taking care of me”
Hrishi Giridhar

The doctors, besides physical care, also took rounds to talk to every patient, check up on them and ensure that their mental health is okay. The doctors would give them assurance by asking them to stay strong and cheering their spirits up.

He’s been at Kasturba hospital for 12 days now and has been tested negative once. His family members have also been tested negative.

“I urge you all to follow the state’s orders to stay indoors and stay isolated and to not unnecessarily take action that may put more pressure on the healthcare system.”
Hrishi Giridhar

We hope Hrishi's honest account to be of help to those who feel overwhelmed in times of such distress.

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