Watch: A Crazy Day as a Contestant in the Bigg Boss House

Watch: A Crazy Day as a Contestant in the Bigg Boss House


Have you ever wondered what it feels like to stay in a house without any access to the outside world? Though it might not sound that cool, rest assured that it’s way more interesting when it’s the Bigg Boss house.

This year, the location has been changed from Lonavala to Goregaon in Mumbai. As we were supposed to be contestants for a day, we were treated like them only. First, they take your phones away! Yes, I was without my phone for 24 hours! Then, they scan you and your bag to ensure that you have nothing which will keep you entertained in the house. This means no books, no playing cards, no – nothing.

The Bigg Boss team then blindfold you and guide you to the main door of the house. The fold is taken off once you are about to enter.

I was one of the first contestants to enter. I went in with a cool influencer, Larissa. The idea behind this is to give journalists and influencers a taste of what it’s like to be in the house.

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A Scary Nomination and a Fun Task

Just like it is in the game, Bigg Boss made us nominate each other. It was quite stressful and made me realise that contestants have to do this every week. For someone who does not dislike people easily, it was hard to pick the people and nominate them. I don’t know if the show is scripted but I thought about my nominations.

Then, we had to perform a task. It was called the Silent Disco. We were divided into two teams, and one member from each team had a go in for a dance face-off with his/her headphones on. The rest of the people couldn’t hear the music but only watched the participants dancing. One who stops first loses. It was fun and my team won.

Watch the video for some more action.

Footage courtesy: Colors TV
Producer and Voice over: Bilal Jaleel
Editor: Ashish Maccune

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