10 Typical Things Every Bigg Boss Contestant Has to Go Through

10 Typical Things Every Bigg Boss Contestant Has to Go Through


Bigg Boss is all set to return for its 13th season and for the 13th time, the hype around the show is just getting larger by the year. We were given access to the house that will be hosting contestants for season 13 and we tried recreating 10 *typical* things almost every contestant in the house has done.

Fight for No Reason at All

Most of the people wait for these moments in the show. My personal favourite was watching Dolly Bindra fight and to be more specific it was her iconic dialogue “Baap pe mat jaa.” Contestants tend to do this so that the audience ensures their stay in the house is extended and the boring ones are eliminated.

Romance = Stay Longer in the House

If you can’t pick fights to stay, you could also find a love angle during your stay. People love to see love stories as an alternative to fighting.

Some Are Obsessed With Make-Up

Imagine just sitting and talking about make-up for 3 months. There have been contestants like this but they didn’t last long. No one’s judging here.

Some Have a Problem With Make-Up

The parallel to the make-up life is the complaining against the make up life. Apparently the ones who don’t use make up end up doing all the work in the house or at least they believe so.

Salman Bhai Ke Saamne

The much awaited weekend where the contestants interact with their only guardian during their stay in the house. Yes, Salman Khan is the guardian I’m talking about. Fights in the house end when 2 parties mutually agree that ‘Friday tak wait karle, Salman Bhai will decide.’ People literally vent their heart when bhai comes on the weekend to interact with them.

Watch the video to see the rest.


Editor: Ashish Maccune
Actor: Deepshikha
Cameraman & Producer: Bilal Jaleel

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