Me, The Change: Kshitija Wants More Jobs for Creative Artistes!

Me, The Change: Kshitija Wants More Jobs for Creative Artistes!

Me, The Change

Kshiija Sarda is a 22-year-old woman from Pune, Maharashtra, who co-founded Platform for Artists (PFA), a community for artists which emphasises on collaboration. The aim of the organisation is to promote artistes of any kind, individuals who have a creative strain in them and wants to pursue a career in it.

PFA arranges meets and getaways for artists to come together and discuss ideas and also holds exhibitions and concerts where their members can come to showcase their arts. The organisation also tries to link artistes with other organisations, clients, so they can get jobs and projects. Sarda feels that though many individuals have creative talents and would like to pursue a career in the arts, they are not confident enough because there are not enough job opportunities in those lines.

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While Sarda’s organisation tries to help as much as possible in this regard, she wants the upcoming government to create more job opportunities for artistes. She will be voting in the upcoming 2019 Lok Sabha elections for the first time and has a very clear demand from the government.

In 2018, Sarda was also featured in a list of ‘Pune’s 30 Under 30’ by Hindustan Times.

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Me, The Change

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