Me, The Change: Susheela Demands Better Education for Girls

Me, The Change: Susheela Demands Better Education for Girls

Me, The Change

Do you know a young woman who will vote for the first time in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections? Is she in the 18-24 age group? Has she done something out of the ordinary? Then tell us about her! As part of The Quint’s ‘Me, The Change’ campaign, we are looking for young women achievers and are urging everyone to vote!

Susheela, who hails from a village in Rajasthan, is a young social activist who works for education for girls. The president of a youth advisory panel in Jaipur, she also holds multiple positions within other administrative bodies which work for young women and their rights.

Susheela is associated with an NGO called Plan India, which works to promote child rights and wants to ensure that girls in her village and around receive education. She says that when girls drop out of school, she goes to their houses, along with members of her teams, to convince them to re-enrol and continue studying.

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She also feels strongly against child marriage and speaks to the elders of her village and families to try and convince them to stop such marriages, which would hamper a girl’s education.

A first-time woman voter, Susheela will be voting in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. One of her demands from the government is that they improve the quality of education in schools, increase the number of schools providing education till at least Class 10 and ensure more teachers for the schools in existence.

She also wants the government to eradicate gender inequality, because she feels that it is very important for girls to move forward in their lives.

Impressed by Susheela’s passion and resolve to bring about a change and ensure that girls receive the education they deserve? Know someone else with such determination to achieve something and are willing to work for it? Then nominate her for ‘Me, The Change’ campaign, and help The Quint search for young women achievers who are doing something out of the ordinary.

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Me, The Change

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