‘Weird’ Quora Questions On Tech Answered FT. BTech Babua & Guruji

‘Weird’ Quora Questions On Tech Answered FT. BTech Babua & Guruji


Editor: Prashant Chauhan

Camera: Abhishek Kumar Ranjan

Question 1:

My 13 year old son is threatening to break his old MacBook unless I buy him a brand new MacBook Pro. What should I do? Should Igive in to his demand and buy him a new one?

Give him a tight slap (or probably an admonishment). This is not really a technical question. And this is actually for your son.

Beta, if you want a laptop then you can say that your current laptop is low on memory. I want to make big-big videos but, it's processor speed is slow. There should be a solid reason for making a demand of this nature. What is this 'I'll break my laptop and all'?

Question 2:

How can I access my girlfriend's phone without touching it, and also receive her text messages and calls without touching her phone?

What question is this? This is called stalking. A clear case of violation of privacy. Btw this a very wrong question. But there are spyware apps in app stores which you can install in your phone but for that you will have to touch the phone at least once. But. I will not recommend it. It's a violation of privacy and do not do it. Please trust your girlfriend (P.S. Issued in public interest).

Question 3:

Will we ever see a phone that doesn't need a case?

There are phones like CAT S6 and Doogee S90. We had made a video too. We burnt it. Drowned it in water. We did everything with that phone. We even ran over it with a car. Don’t believe? Check out the link below:

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Question 4:

Is Samsung's new certified unbreakable cell phone screen a game changer or just hype and why?

If you are talking about the new Samsung Galaxy Fold then, it has already broken. As Galaxy Fold developed some cracks in it, Samsung has delayed the launch of the phone. So truth be told, it is not really un-breakable but indeed a game-changer as it is going to set the precedent for foldable phones to come in the future.

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