Unfree: Rap for a Corruption Free India

Watch The Quint’s “Unfree” Rap by The South Dandies Swaraj

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Music by: Sean YKV
Artist: The South Dandies Swaraj
Mix and Master: Princeten Charles
Recording: Suresh Pawar (Globe Studio)
Edited by: Veeru Krishan Mohan (The Quint)
Produced by: Divya Talwar (The Quint)

Lyrics of Republic Rap: Unfree - Namma Kacheri


This one’s an Indie song Check it out,

it’s a local rap


Our concert is on the way


Our concert is on the way

One desire, two desires, it’s all human rapacity

Our song, Our dance, Our rhythm, Our trend

MSV’s tune, Isaignani’s lyrics

Darling, I dream of you...

Raakamma clap your hands

I grew up with these tunes, in Mumbai I was born

Bhagat Singh, Chandra Bose, Ambedkar, Lokmanya, Laxmi Bai, Mangal Pandey, Sarojini, Doctor APJ.

Your praise, my voice

My birth, your pride

Music in me till I die

I read about these back in school;

Patriotism, harmony

Do you know what they are?

Is it good enough to just say them out loud?

The doers who died so others can live

This one’s for them

This one’s YKV’s

To beg is to die without glory

SDS Bahubali

Don’t fake pray and religion

Don’t fight within yourselves

t’s okay, sometimes to just let go

But life’s not about giving it up!

If you don’t get it, just go go

Don’t cuss ... Don’t do no voodoo

Don’t hate on me with a knife or gun

Just live for a reason… find a reason to live

Who’s a Tamilan who ain’t got no sauce??

Sins never go away, truth never shows??

Black money, Coal scam, Poverty, Corruption, Alcoholism, Rape...

For years they’ve been meditating.

Porn ban.. oh yeah???

Same sh*t happens everywhere

The sins, they just don’t end… end... end


2G Badshah ransacked his kingdom

Illicit Coal blocks block Windfall income

Blood money to uphold my nation

In an up-to-minute irrational fashion

Stamp paper Telgi killed community

To nourish his family Senior Sports minister Kalmadi was detained under sections 120b and 420

Death sentence makes sense

It should be imposed on the adversary of society

Common wealth invaded common man

Swiss Banks managed by wrong hands

We’re at war but we forget the consequences of post-traumatic stress, illegal business endorsed by shady government

Fails to summon up the oath

They’re all ignorant

Hatred speech triggers the sentiment of innocent citizens

Triumphs over cloudy days

Dwelling in the hope that one day truth shall prevail

So behave

Guilty party may rest in jail

Freedom of speech is out on bail

To reach the youth

To root canal the rotten decaying tooth to speak the truth.

How do I write this tragedy?

How do I write this tragedy... that’s in my heart


This ain’t yesterday … it’s tomorrow

The state of my nation Is like a flower that’s abloom in a mire of blood

There’re too many bosses here

And not a single good leader

There’s wolfpacks that hunt women

The soldier guards the motherland and loses his own land

He knows this, but it’s just out of his hands

The rift that’s a gift of religion and case

It split the bond between man and man

Humanity’s now wretched

What you gonna win, if you don’t get this?

Sant.Tukaram, Subramaniya Bharathi, the great poet who sowed patriotism

Bharat Matha, Velu Naachiyaar Are the kind of women you’ll find here

Abdul Kalam says, “When youth think new, true bonds’ll come through.’’

This is our moment, the world’s eyes are on us

The Flag is flying high, flying up

There’s fireworks all over the sky

Sing the song VANDE MATARAM

Sing the song VANDE MATARAM


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