Hey Karni Sena, Abusing Deepika to Defend Padmavati Is NOT Noble

Great show of respect for women, you guys! In a bid to “protect Padmavati” you’ve insulted & abused Deepika Padukone

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Khaama-ghani, ladies and gentlemen!

In today’s edition of What The F, we will be looking at the bizarre logic of a Rajput Karni Sena foot soldier!

While on ONE hand, you claim to be fighting for “the honour of Padmavati”, on the other hand, you’ve been hurling abuses at Deepika Padukone and director Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s family. Bhai, waah! Such a noble quest to protect a woman’s honour!

Boss! Kaun hai aap? Kya abhi bhi 16th century mein ho? You can’t threaten to behead someone, offer a bounty on someone’s head or chop off someone’s nose in a democracy!

I mean, you’ve been staging protests and calling for Bharat Bandh’s for a fictional female character who may or may not have been Maharaja Ratan Singh’s 15th wife back in the 16th century? Who may or may not have existed?

Khair, tumhaari bhasha mein samjhaate hain

What have you been ranting on and on about? What is the ONE thing you say you’re fighting for? That’s right! A WOMAN’S HONOUR! (Could’ve had me fooled…)

Okay. Let’s take it from the top, haan?

So… You say, this movie that Bhansali is releasing is hurting Rajput culture. A culture, that YOU say, is famed for venerating its women as brave and valiant.

That’s amazing. But what are you doing, dear Sena? You’ve shown neither respect nor veneration for any women!

For Deepika, the Karni Sena chief Lokendra Singh Kalvi had this to say – “Deepika is a naachnewali... why is she dancing in less clothes?”

For the director’s mother, BJP MP Chinatmani Malviya had this to say – “How can filmmakers whose women family members change husbands everyday understand jauhar?”

So, let me get this straight. In your noble effort to protect the honour of Padmavati – once again, she may or may not have existed, ladies and gentlemen – you would call Miss Padukone who is doing her job “a naachnewali who is seen dancing in less clothes”?

Wow. Real show of respect for women, guys. Top class!

Here’s an idea: Maybe the next time you want to talk about how the film is “insulting women”, you should remember –

(A) Women don’t need you to fight non-existent battles for them. You want to do something for women? Train your foot soldiers to not mouth obscenities against them.

(B) Itna tod-phod mat karo yaar! Shaanti se baithke picture dekho. Picture hai, atom bomb nahi!

Khamma Ghani!

Camera: Shiv Kumar Maurya

Video Editor: Puneet Bhatia

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