Meet the 11-Year-Old Drag Queen Who Is Defying Conventions

Meet the 11-Year-Old Drag Queen Who Is Defying Conventions

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Bracken Hanke, 11, is defying conventions and society’s expectations of women and femininity with her hyper-feminised looks. She has been dressing up as a drag queen for 2 years to express some of her extroverted personality traits.

Bracken says that her interest in drag started after she watched ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ with her mother. The elaborate outfits and personalities fascinated her and she declared, ‘I knew these were my people’.

Her drag looks have earned her all kinds of shocked faces in public. But her family has supported her decision to dress in drag. Bracken says that she plans to continue her passion in adulthood too.

I’m a hyper-queen, which means I take the elements of your average female and I enhance it, making it 1,000% and a celebration of femininity.”
Bracken Hanke

Recently, she was mobbed by adoring fans at the Pride Parade, where she was dressed in full drag attire.

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