Khattar’s Remark on Sonia Gandhi is Not An Idiom, It’s An Insult

Khattar’s Remark on Sonia Gandhi is Not An Idiom, It’s An Insult

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German writer Kurt Tucholsky had said, “Language is a weapon, keep it honed.” But if this weapon’s edges are too sharp, it may lead to embarrassment.

Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar’s controversial comment on Congress Interim President Sonia Gandhi has exploded like a bomb at the time of poll campaigning in the state.

During an elections rally in Sonipat, the chief minister said, “After losing in the Lok Sabha Elections, I [Rahul Gandhi] won’t be party president. Rahul left the party leadership and said the next chief will not be from Gandhi family. We welcomed this decision. This was a good decision to end dynasty politics. Then, they started looking (for new president) all over the country.”

“After 3 months, they made Sonia Gandhi the president. This was like digging up the mountain only to find a mouse, that too a dead one.”
Manohar Lal Khattar, Hayana Chief Minister

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CM Khattar’s Controversial Language

Chief Minister Khattar is using this language for a 72-year-old woman, who is the interim president of the key chief Opposition party and a Member of Parliament.

If not the dignity of a woman MP, Khattar should have taken into consideration the dignity of the chair of chief minister that he is sitting on.

What kind of a precedence is he setting for the party workers by insulting a woman?

The derogatory comment of the chief minister, who pats his back for campaigns like ‘Beti Padhao, Beti Bachao’, tells a story.

While the BJP is silent on his remarks, noted minister Anil Vij defended Khattar explaining the chief minister had just said an idiom.

It is said that words are a mirror to feelings and emotions and by using this idiom, Mr Khattar demonstrated his mindset.

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