This New Dating App is Tackling the 'Ghosting' Problem by Using Generative AI

Would you be comfortable flirting with an AI chatbot?

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In recent years, online dating has become increasingly popular as more and more people turn to dating apps to find love. However, the world of online dating is not without its challenges. One app that aims to address some of these challenges is Teaser AI. Let's take a closer look at how it’s leveraging the power of generative AI to revolutionize the way we form relationships online.

The Problem with Dating Apps

One of the biggest issues with dating apps is ghosting - when someone suddenly stops responding to messages without any explanation. Now whether ghosting is a problem or a symptom of a bigger problem, that is a different question altogether, which we address later in this article. But a sudden halt in communication without any warning is something a lot of people in the online dating ecosystem clearly face.

The Power of Generative AI

Generative AI is a type of artificial intelligence that can generate new content based on data it has been trained on. This technology has the potential to revolutionize many industries, including online dating. But how is a dating app using this tech as a solution to ghosting and the so-called loneliness epidemic?

Teaser AI: Solving the Ghosting Problem

Teaser AI is a new dating app from the team that made Dispo, a photo-sharing app designed to mimic the spontaneity of disposable cameras . The twist with Teaser is that before you swipe right or left on someone, you can chat with their AI likeness to get a feel for their personality.

Would you be comfortable flirting with an AI chatbot?

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Teaser AI uses AI to create a chatbot that mimics users’ interests and personalities . When you create your account, you answer some questions about your personality. Are you introverted or extroverted? Aggressive or peaceful? Easygoing or intense? From those questions – as well as how you talk while using the app – the AI tries to imitate who you are.

Dispo and Teaser CEO Daniel Liss sees these AI conversations as an icebreaker. “It’s not AI replacing people, it’s AI getting you faster to that icebreaker into the conversation that says, ‘Let’s meet up and have a drink or go for a walk,’” Liss told TechCrunch .

Potential Challenges

While Teaser AI has the potential to solve the ghosting problem in online dating, there are also potential challenges with using generative AI in dating apps. One challenge is ensuring that the AI accurately represents the user’s personality and interests.

Another challenge is ensuring that users understand that they are chatting with an AI version of their potential match and not the actual person. Before you chat with a potential match’s AI, you see a notice that says, “Our AI might say some crazy shit” .

What if Teaser AI Actually Works?

One question that arises when considering the potential success of Teaser AI is what happens if it actually works? If the AI is able to accurately mimic a user’s personality and interests, it could potentially lead to matches with people who might be boring or have red flags in their personality.

This is a valid concern and one that needs to be addressed. One way to address this issue is for users to be aware that the AI is not a perfect representation of the person they are chatting with. It’s important for users to use their own judgment when deciding whether or not to pursue a match.

Would you be comfortable flirting with an AI chatbot?

Can an AI chatbot truly mimic the personality of a real human?

Created on Midjourney, directed by Rituraj/The Quint

Another way to address this issue is for Teaser AI to continue to improve their AI technology to ensure that it accurately represents users’ personalities and interests. This could involve incorporating more data and feedback from users to improve the accuracy of the AI.

Ultimately, the success of Teaser AI will depend on its ability to accurately represent users and facilitate meaningful connections between people. Only time will tell if it is able to achieve this goal.

Will Teaser AI Bring Down Your Flirting Game?

Another concern with using AI in dating apps is whether it will bring down your flirting game. If the AI is doing all the convincing and courtship, which are such intrinsic parts of getting to know someone new, then what’s the allure of dating anymore?

It’s important to note that Teaser AI is not intended to replace human interaction. Instead, it’s meant to serve as an icebreaker and facilitate initial conversations between potential matches . The ultimate goal is still for users to meet up in person and get to know each other through real-life interactions.

In this sense, Teaser AI could actually enhance your flirting game by helping you break the ice and start a conversation with someone you might not have otherwise connected with. It’s still up to you to use your charm and personality to win over your potential match.

Ultimately, the success of any relationship depends on the chemistry and connection between two people. Teaser AI can help facilitate initial connections, but it’s still up to users to build meaningful relationships through real-life interactions.

Ensuring Safety for Users

While Teaser AI says it’s trying to solve the problem of ghosting, we need to understand that ghosting can be a reaction to a variety of situations, including situations where someone starts off as decent but ends up being creepy. In such cases, ghosting can be a way for someone to protect themselves and ward off unwanted advances.

Would you be comfortable flirting with an AI chatbot?

Business goals aside, user safety should always be a priority for dating apps

Created on Midjourney, directed by Rituraj/The Quint

Ensuring the safety of users is an important issue for any dating app, including Teaser AI. While Teaser AI aims to solve the problem of ghosting by facilitating initial conversations between potential matches through AI, it’s also important for the app to have measures in place to ensure the safety of its users.

This could involve implementing features such as user verification, reporting and blocking mechanisms, and community guidelines to promote respectful behavior. It’s important for dating apps to continually assess and improve their safety measures to provide a positive and secure experience for their users.

To sum it up

Teaser AI is an exciting new dating app that leverages the power of generative AI to solve the ghosting problem in online dating. While Teaser AI shows promise in revolutionizing the way we form relationships online, there are potential challenges with using generative AI in dating apps that definitely need to be addressed. At the time of writing this article, Teaser AI was exclusively available on the Apple App Store.

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