Forget Drones, Rudolph’s Reindeer Pals Will Deliver Pizza in Japan

Domino’s has previously used drones to deliver pizza in New Zealand.

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(Photo Courtesy: <a href=";theater">Facebook/Domino’s Japan</a>)

This Christmas, Japan’s snowy northern town of Hokkaido will witness reindeer delivering pizzas to its hungry residents!

In what has to be one of the most bizarre marketing moves ever seen, Domino’s Japan, in a press release, revealed that they are training reindeer for putting into place a full-scale delivery system that will use sleds powered by them to home-deliver smoking hot pizza.

Customers will be able to track their ‘pizza delivery reindeer’ in real-time as they will be equipped with GPS driver trackers.

The press release says that the heavy snowfall expected in December motivated the choice to have Rudolph and his merry buddies deliver pizza – but we’re sure nobody in Hokkaido is complaining.

The pizza maker has been working on a number of innovative delivery ideas across the world, and has even used drones to bring hot pizzas to doorsteps in New Zealand.

However, this particular move has to be their best ever!

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