Digital Detox: How to Stay off Your Phone and the Internet

Do you need a break from the digital world? Here are some tips for a digital detox.

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A study titled 'Digital Addiction: Increased Loneliness, Anxiety, and Depression' compared smartphone usage to substance use. Further, a study carried out by Anxiety UK claimed that using social media frequently affects both mood and health negatively.

But, have no fear because BTech Babua is here and ready to give you tips for a ‘Digital Detox’.

A few tips to take a break from the digital world:

Tip No 1: Disable Push Notifications

The first step for a digital detox is to turn off your push notifications. Every new notification triggers the release of dopamine. Dopamine aka 'the reward molecule' controls the pleasure system of the brain. As a result, you feel like checking your phone again and again and your brain feels constant pressure to stay online.


Tip No 2: Buy an Alarm Clock

Instead of setting an alarm on your phone, use an alarm clock. If you sleep carrying the whole world contained in your phone, you’ll be disturbed by it first thing the next morning too.

So, keep your phone away while sleeping and when you wake up, try relaxing for half an hour before checking your phone. This will bring down your anxiety too.


Tip No 3: Ease Yourself Into Taking Breaks From the Digital World

Give yourself a 15-minute break on one day and a 30-minute one the next day. Gradually, get yourself to keep away from technology for an entire day. You can assign an app for particular days. Some examples include: ‘Twitter-free Tuesday’ and ‘Facebook-free Friday’.

And yes, before you take a break, feel free to announce on social media that you will be out of coverage area.


Tip No 4: Have Back-Up Plans

Plan activities which will help you curb the urge to engage with technology. For example, read a book, take a walk, meet friends or plan an outdoor trip on days you want a break. According to studies on social health and relationships, when we’re connected to the real world, our immune system gets a boost, inflammation dissipates, stress hormones reduce and our anxiety and depression levels drop.

Another thing: try to steer away from being pressurised into looking ‘perfect’ on social media, especially Instagram.

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