The Most Embarrassing, Funniest 30 Under-30 Stories From 2018!

30 stories from those under 30 tells you the most embarrassing and hilarious moments of their life.

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Enough of the most successful 30 under 30 and the richest 30 under 30 lists! Here's a list that'll actually make you feel better about yourself. These are some of the funniest, most embarrassing and most disappointing stories from people under 30.

Fizza, 28

Fizza is a huge Harry Potter fan, so obviously her first tattoo had to be a spell. But the spell was misspelled and now she has a tattoo that says, "Expect Patonum!"

Vishnu, 27

Vishnu gave his Paytm ID, password, OTP to change the password and login number, debit card number and its CVV to someone over the phone....and lost Rs 10,000...all because he was trying to order alcohol over the phone. In his own words, “Not one of my brighter moments.”

In another great moment, he said that he was very drunk and was at a friend’s house and they were kissing, when he suddenly and violently threw up all over them, their house, and their bathroom. He woke up the next morning at his own house and realised he’d forgot his bag with his laptop, his phone and all his valuables at her house. In his own words, “Getting my bag back was one of the most awkward things I’ve had to do in my life.”

Adila, 28

Adila applied for her fifth PAN card this year, after she lost her fourth PAN card to bag snatchers. While she was chasing the bag snatchers through peak traffic, she tore a ligament in her leg.


Mahadev, 23

Mahadev, from Chennai, flunked his exams in college and wanted to drown in his sorrow. He rode his bike to the outskirts of Chennai and got stupendously drunk. Soon, realisation dawned on him that he's too drunk to ride back.

He finds a guy outside the wine shop and offers him Rs 500 to drive him home. The guy agrees to do it, but for Rs 800. He takes Mahadev back home. So good guy Mahadev gives this man the promised sum. The guy takes the money and drives off into the sunset....on Mahadev’s bike.

Vakasha, 28

Vakasha was a teetotaller for the longest time. One day he decided to drink, got extremely drunk and fractured his ankle. Only, he didn’t know it was fractured, and he continued his daily routine with the said fractured ankle, and had the bright idea to play in a football tournament with the fractured ankle.

When he eventually went to the doctor, the doctor called his medical students to show them Vakasha’s ankle, because he’d never seen an ankle in such terrible condition.

Of course, it doesn’t end there. Vakasha then decided to try skiing with the said broken ankle. He claims it was an “accident”. How anyone can “accidentally” go skiing is beyond me, but eventually he crashed into a kids skiing area with the broken ankle. Fortunately, no children were hurt in the making of this hilarious accident.

Nafisa, 29

29-year-old Nafisa ran out of her home in tears, when she found a mouse in her house. She then called her friend, in panic, and asked him to come to her house. By the time he’d arrived, she was cowering in a corner of her house, and looking for houses on rent so she could move.

Vatsala, 27

Vatsala says her achievement was that she’s been driving for 9 years now and she still doesn’t have a permanent driving license. Every year she promises to herself that she’ll graduate from a learner’s license to a permanent license. Here’s hoping that she finally gets it in 2019!


Anshuman, 20

After a few very stressful months at work, and a very recent recovery from dengue, Anshuman and his older friend decided to go to Kasol for a vacation. They rented a bike at Tosh, near Kasol.

His friend had gotten substantially drunk and they decided to drive to Kasol. Predictably, they met with an accident and his friend had to get 24 stitches on his face, and have his jaw rewired. Anshuman had to get five stitches on his head, and considers himself lucky to be alive.

Shorbori, 27

Shorbori was out with her friends celebrating the Supreme Court’s verdict decriminalising homosexuality. When they called a cab, she wanted the front seat. So she called dibs on the front seat, ran, and pushed her friend out of the way...only to fall on her knee and fracture it. And the situation was probably made worse by the fact that she didn’t fall on her knee just once or twice, but a good three times.

She’s now stopped calling dibs on the front seat.


Anuragh, 24

Anuragh had just days left to graduate from his University. But after a particularly hectic two days, he overslept and submitted an assignment late by 10 minutes. The professor in question refused to evaluate his submission. But he didn’t make much of it.... Till he was told that because of this, he could neither sit for job placements, nor would he be allowed to graduate.

Malavika, 24

Malavika was shoe shopping when she saw a pair of shoes that she absolutely loved. She tried on one shoe and quickly told the shopkeeper that she’d buy the pair. She paid for the shoes and quickly took them home. The next day, she excitedly took the shoes out of the box and slipped one on her right foot. Then she noticed something odd about the other shoe. Her mother took one look at the box and said, “Beta you’ve bought both shoes for the right foot.”


Vakasha, 28

Another story from Vakasha - he’s got a lot of them. He was feeling particularly adventurous and creative, so he decided to try a Do-It-Yourself paan. He thought, “Why would you pay someone to make paan for you when you could make it yourself?”.

He learned quickly why. He mixed all the ingredients together. Then he saw a pink mixture and loaded the paan up with it. In his own words, “It was pink so obviously that meant it was sweet, right?”

Turned out the pink stuff was a mixture of raw tobacco and something very acidic. Vakasha learned this when he popped the paan into his mouth and it burned the insides of his mouth to a VERY painful extent. It didn’t help that he had a speech the next day. But he says that went well. So we’ll take his word on that.


Yagya, 22

For her birthday, Yagya went out with her friends. Her last clear memory was cutting her cake. Her memory was spotty and she couldn’t remember much of the night when she woke up the next morning.

But the camera remembered. So did her friends. Her and her friends were banned from the place they were at because among a number of other things, she threw a glass at a bartender. Her friends showed her a video. In it, she was wearing a white tablecloth over herself and was walking up to people with a lamp saying, “Boooooo”

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