PM Modi Reveals How Bear Grylls Understood Him in ‘Man VS Wild’
PM Narendra Modi called for mass movement against single use plastic. 
PM Narendra Modi called for mass movement against single use plastic. (Photo: IANS)

PM Modi Reveals How Bear Grylls Understood Him in ‘Man VS Wild’

In his monthly radio address ‘Mann Ki Baat’, Prime Minister Narendra Modi revealed the answer to a question he says he is asked often about his ‘Man vs Wild’ special, he pitched for launching a "new mass movement" against single-use plastic from 2 October, and announced a new nutrition campaign.

How He Conversed with Bear Grylls

Speaking about his latest television stint where he made an appearance with Bear Grylls, which aired on 12 August, PM Modi said technology aided his communication with Grylls, who hosted the show.

“Some people ask me one thing – Modi ji, you were speaking in Hindi, so how did you carry on such a fast conversation between the two of you? Was this episode edited later? How many times did the shooting happen for this episode and how did it happen, they ask with great curiosity,” he said.

Responding to these questions, PM Modi said:

“The reality is that technology was used extensively  in my conversation with Bear Grylls. Whenever I spoke, immediately there was simultaneous translation into English or simultaneous interpretation and Bear Grylls had a small cordless instrument in his ear. So, I used to speak in Hindi but he heard it in English and because of that the communication became very easy. This is an amazing aspect about technology.” 
PM Modi in Mann Ki Baat

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An End to Single-Use Plastic?

In his address, PM Modi said when the country observes the 150 birth anniversary of the Father of the Nation, the country “will launch a new mass movement against use of plastic”.

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On Independence Day too, PM Modi had urged shopkeepers to provide eco-friendly bags to customers and also spoke about eliminating single-use plastic.

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Campaign For Nutrition

Aside from calling for a movement against single-use plastic, PM Modi also stated that a ‘Nutrition Campaign’ will be celebrated across the country in September as a means to spread awareness.

“Today, due to lack of awareness, both poor and affluent families are affected by malnutrition. September will be celebrated as ‘Nutrition Campaign’ across the country. You must join it, get information, add something new.”
PM India Tweeted by

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