Watch: ‘Storyteller’ Neelesh Misra to Debut on The Quint on 27 Feb

Watch: ‘Storyteller’ Neelesh Misra to Debut on The Quint on 27 Feb


Loved by millions of listeners across the country, Neelesh Misra, the storyteller, will dust and don his journalist hat again for The Neelesh Misra Show, which will be launched on The Quint and Quint Hindi on 27 February.

The Quint, India's premier digital news platform, and Quint Hindi have entered into a unique collaboration with the well-loved oral storyteller and his venture, Gaon Connection – India's biggest rural media platform – to offer unique content to Hindi and English audiences.

(Photo Courtesy: Gaon Connection)

One-of-a-Kind Show

The Neelesh Misra Show will bring a new story, a new issue with a new perspective every week. While The Quint has been consistently shining the spotlight on issues of national importance, India’s only rural newspaper, Gaon Connection, has been showcasing the true picture of rural India.

The partnership aims to marry hardcore journalistic rigour with the charm of storytelling – an art that perhaps predates any other human activity of leisure. Misra’s skill of bringing narratives alive through his soulful and evocative rendition will amplify the impact of journalistic findings of The Quint and Gaon Connection teams. This is an endeavour at diving deeper into the lives of those who fall between the cracks of ‘Breaking News’ tickers and headlines.

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