List of Doctors & Lawyers Who Are Willing to Help #MeToo Survivors

Several lawyers on Twitter have offered assistance to survivors of sexual assault, harassment and intimidation.

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Talking about a person who sexually harassed you behind closed doors or under the pretext of dropping you home can be scary. Outing your harasser can be like walking a tightrope – it can be an ordeal, having effects on your mental health.

How does one equip themselves against a possible legal suit, in addition to the potential backlash on social media? How does one relive the incident and deal with the pressure of having to recount every word to put forth a factual account?

Here is a list of several lawyers, doctors, psychologists, social workers from across the country who have offered assistance to survivors of sexual assault, harassment and intimidation.

Full NameEmail Address/ Twitter handleCity/TownArea of ExpertiseAny other information, that you wish to shareI agree to support the victim(s)/survivor(s) of #MeTooIndia without judging them. I shall extend my support to them empathetically and abide by my professional ethics and rules of privacy. At no point of time, I shall resort to victim blaming during my interaction. By sharing my contact details here, I agree with the terms and conditions of extending service/guidance keeping the best interests of the victim(s)/survivor(s) in mind all the time. I agree to publsih my contact details accessible for victims/survivors to reach out to me.
Akanksha Dixitbdsakanksha@gmail.comAgradoctorYes
Jeevika Shivjeevikas@gmail.comAhmedabadPro bono LawyerAlso a social worker and work on this issurYes
Jharna Pathakfmjharna@gmail.comAhmedabadSocial Worker/NGOProvide counseling ,mental health services provider, provide support group,Yes
Shreya Lahotyshreyalahoty@yahoo.comAssamMental Health PractionerYes
Apurba Kunduapurbakundu@gmail.comBangalorePro bono LawyerWorked on POSH related matters extensivelyYes
Sanjay Kumarjsanjaykumar@me.comBangaloreCounsellorI'm a Psychotherapist offering individual and group therapyYes
Amrita S Nairnair.amritaa@gmail.comBangaloreLaw StudentYes
Aakriti Joannaaakriti@kahamind.comBangaloreMental Health PractionerWe are a team of therapists at Kaha Mind who are trauma trained. We offer online as well as offline therapy.Yes
Prajaktakuwalekar.prajakta@gmail.comBangaloreSupport GroupYes
Disha Jaindisha.jain17@gmail.comBangaloreAccess bars practitionerYes
Dolashree Mysoord_mysoor@hotmail.comBangalorePro bono LawyerYes
Bhuvaneshwari Lakshminarayanabhuvana.cranio@gmail.comBangaloreHealth Care PractionerI practice Acupressure, craniosacral therapy and have completed my Somatic Experiencing Intermediate level trainingYes
Pooja Nairpooja18.nair@gmail.comBangaloreReiki HealerI'm a level one healer. However would love to help in any form. Sometimes even just listening helps.Yes
Nithya J Raonithyajrao@gmail.comBangaloreMental Health PractionerYes
Anil Khannaanilkhanna248@gmail.comBangaloreReiki HealerYes
Rashid APrashidap90@gmail.comBangaloreSocial Worker/NGOYes
Asmita Michaelasmitamichael@gmail.comBangaloreSocial Worker/NGOYes
Vijayprakashdrvijay.sun86@gmail.comBangaloreHealth Care PractionerYes
Saheli Sen Guptasengupta.saheli91@gmail.comBangaloreSupport GroupYes
Rheea Mukherjeerheea@writeleelawrite.comBangaloreCounsellorSocial Work Degree/Previous experience in basic counselingYes
Dr. Rajni Sharmsrajnisharma682@gmail.comBangaloreCounsellorYes
Dr. Rajni Sharmsrajnisharma682@gmail.comBangaloreCounsellorYes
Aasha Rameshaasmesh@gmail.comBangaloreSocial Worker/NGOI am basically a rights activist and could help in listening and providing moral support as well as refering the survivor to other forms of support that she may need.Yes
Arpit Sharmafutureca2011@gmail.comBhopalCounsellorDoing it since long with my limited resources and capabilities.Yes
Ravi BudhwaniAdvravibudhwani@gmail.comBhopalPro bono LawyerYes
Priyanka Rathore2804priyankarathore@gmail.comBhopalReiki HealerYes
Nirma Thalornimsthalor1@gmail.comBikanerSocial Worker/NGOYes
Nazia kambojNazia.dhanju@gmail.comChandigarhSocial Worker/NGOYes
Sagina WalyatSagina.walyat@gmail.comChandigarh, Punjab, Delhi, Gurgaon & HaryanaLawyer, social activist , support groupYes
Mehtab kambojmehtabkamboj4@gmail.comChandigarhSocial Worker/NGOYes
Apoorva Mohanapoorva.mohan92@gmail.comChennaiSupport GroupI'm a student of psychologyYes
Anya Kumaranathananyakumar773@gmail.comChennaiMental Health PractionerAs a Psychotherapist who has specialized in Psychological trauma, sexual harassment has been one of my focal areas. I would love to offer my services.Yes
Sri Janani Vasanthjanani.vasanth17@gmail.comChennaiMental Health PractionerYes
Narendiransaishakkthi@gmail.comChennaiPro bono LawyerYes
Umasree Raghunathumasree.r@gmail.comChennaiPro bono LawyerI am also a social worker and counselor and can helpYes
Vidya Dinakaranvidyadinakaran@gmail.comChennaiSocial Worker/NGOYes
Bittu KondaiahBittu.kondaiah@gmail.comDelhiSocial Worker/NGOYes
Radhika, rsaxena@pennlaw.upenn.eduDelhiPro bono LawyerPresently in the United States to study but happy to advise and draft. Have been doing that for KrantiKali for a while now.Yes
Maneka Khannamanekakhanna@gmail.comDelhiPro bono LawyerYes
Sahil Vermasahilv512@gmail.comDelhiMental Health PractionerYes
Annie Singhalanniesinghal1@gmail.comDelhiSupport GroupAs a survivor myself of various forms of sexual abuse, I would really like to contribute to this. I have experience with social media and communications, running a support group of adult survivors of CSA in Delhi, part of the LGBTIQA community, and have worked in the social development sector in areas of gender, sexuality, and violence.Yes
Archana Kaularchkaul@gmail.comDelhiSocial Worker/NGOYes
Anoo BhuyanTwitter handle @anoobhuDelhiSupport GroupLegal and personal support.Yes
Dinika Ananddinika_anand@hotmail.comDelhiCounsellorYes
Divya Srinivasandivya.srinivasan91@gmail.comDelhiPro bono LawyerI don't practise in courts but willing to offer advice and drafting supportYes
Sneha Mukherjeesneha@hrln.orgDelhiPro bono LawyerYes
Somaya Guptasomaya_gupta@yahoo.comDelhiStudent activist, support giverYes
Karan bono LawyerWilling to appear in any court in Delhi/NCR for the victim/survivor.Yes
Mohammad Ibrahimibrahim.areeb@gmail.comDelhiPro bono LawyerYes
Fidel Sebastianadvfidelsebastian@gmail.comDelhiPro bono LawyerSMS or email me if you can't reach me on my phone.Yes
Manishi Divyamanishidivya97@gmail.comDelhiSocial Worker/NGOYes
Tahmeena Tajtahmeenataj96@gmail.comDelhiSupport GroupBeing a human rights ,I want to support ,help and stand with these people .Yes
Neha Shree Bhatnagarnehashree.ns9@gmail.comDelhiPro bono LawyerYes
Gayatri JhaGayatri.gj13@gmail.comDelhiSupport GroupYes
Jyotica Bhasinjyotica@bhasinandbhasin.comDelhiHealer and External NGOmember on various IC panelsYes
Arzoo Cheemacheemarzoo@gmail.comDelhiStudent of Psychology (masters)Yes
Priyamvada Aggarwalpriyamvadaagg@gmail.comDelhiCounsellorwww.priyamvadaaggarwal.comYes
Rama SitaramanRama.lw9@gmail.comDelhiPro bono LawyerYes
Aparna Jainaparna@zebraa.inDelhiD&I advocate and leadership coach. I work largely with gender and harassmentYes
Shreya Varmashreyavarma@gmail.comDelhiMental Health PractionerYes
Komal Ramdeykomalramdey105@gmail.comDelhiSocial Worker/NGOYes
Harshdeep Singhharshdeeps1993@gmail.comDelhiLegal AidNot a litigation lawyer, but happy to connect to litigators.Yes
Pallavi Guptapallavi2640@gmail.comDelhiMental Health PractionerYes
Choudhary Ali Zia Kabircazkabir@gmail.comDelhiPro bono LawyerYes
Prabhsahay Kaursahayk@gmail.comDelhiPro bono LawyerYes
Rounak NayakRounaknayak@gmail.comDelhiPro bono LawyerYes
Kratika Choubeykratikachoubey7@gmail.comDelhiSocial Worker with specialisation in mental healthYes
NeerajNeeraj_kmr@hotmail.comDelhiSocial Worker/NGOI can also be reached for counselling, connecting persons to health providers as well!Yes
Divya Nandandivya.nandan8@gmail.comDelhiSocial Worker/NGOYes
Ananya Dasananyadas1995@gmail.comDelhiPro bono LawyerYes
Shefali Behlshefalibehl27@gmail.comDelhiCounsellorI wish to help women to lead a violence free life. may it sexual abuse , physical abuse , verbal , sexual assault/ harassment. Every women has the right to lead a #violencefreelifeYes
Mini bono LawyerI don't practice in courts but willing to offer support. I also run workshops on consent in schools and universities.Yes
Ridhi Murariridhi.murari22@gmail.comDelhiMental Health PractionerYes
Sabyasachi Sensomurox@gmail.comDelhiSocial Worker/NGOYes
Mehr Lunganimehr.lungani21@gmail.comDelhiMental Health PractionerI am a Counselling Psychologist, a Clinical Hypnotherapist, and a Therapeutic Dance Movement Facilitator. I work with both groups and individuals. With groups, I primarily use expressive arts particularly dance and movement.Yes
Rupali Samuelpali.samuel@gmail.comDelhiPro bono LawyerYes
Sabina Yasmin Rahmansabina.y.rahman@gmail.comDelhiSocial Worker/NGOAlso a survivor of SH and due processYes
Nehanehatrpth10@gmail.comDelhiI have done my bachelors and masters in Psychology.I do not have the professional experience but I am genuinely willing to hear you.Yes
Soma KPsomakp@gmail.comDelhiFeminist activist , development worker , gender advisorYes
Akriti Niti Guhaakriti.n.guha@gmail.comDelhiSupport GroupThe past few days have been overwhelming. I started this closed forum on FB called Feminist AF with a friend about a year back cuz of a Herpes scare and it has transformed into a safe space of sexual abuse survivors and a place to discuss any and everything related to sexual health and taboos that aren't discussed as openly. I'm just glad there's a space where we can all talk and where people LISTEN.Yes
Dhruvi bhatnagardhruvibhatnagar12@gmail.comDelhiMental Health PractionerYes
Madiah shahjarmadiahshahjar7733@gmail.comDelhiSupport GroupYes
Priya Babupriyababu.789@gmail.comDelhiSupport GroupAs a student of Psychology and practitioner of Mindfulness Based Counselling, and a survivor of assault and abuse myself, I am here, and want to offer my help and support to anyone who needs it. Please reach out. Help is available. You are not alone.Yes
Arushi Ralliralli.arushi12@gmail.comDelhiCounsellorYes
Suneeta Dharsuneeta.dhar@jagori.orgDelhiSocial Worker/NGOThey can also access Jagori - helpline@jagori.orgYes
Tahini bhushanTahini.bhushan@gmail.comDelhiPro bono LawyerYes
Surabhi Diwansurabhi.diwan11@gmail.comDelhiPro bono LawyerI wish to help people who are seeking for justice and I don't mind doing pro bono mattersYes
Swrang Varmaswrang.varma@gmail.comDelhiLaw StudentGraduating in 2019, can provide basic legal aid and advice as well as support.Yes
Manisha Singhmanishasingh0326@gmail.comDelhiCan provide legal aid (law student), advice and supportYes
Disha Chaudharidisha0612@gmail.comDelhiPro bono LawyerYes
Naina Dasannaina.dasan@hotmail.comDelhiSupport GroupI personally am a reiki second degree, and have a group known as feminist Af. We are collecting sources and trying to talk more about rape culture. We would love to help. Also a lot of us are victims of abuse ourselves, so we can provide support or an ear.Yes
Lohit Gangulyshpl@rediffmail.comDelhiPro bono LawyerI am at present pro bono lawyer for a victim, Ms. Tuhina Chakraborty, who was molested during this year's National School of Drama (NSD) entrance exam !!!! by the examiner himself, one Mr. Suresh Shetty, a former professor. I am opposing his bail in court and preparing my client for the criminal trial. I can provide her mobile number for corroboration if anybody wants to investigate further.Yes
Sampanna Panisampanna.pani@gmail.comDelhiPro bono LawyerYes
Devanshu SajlanDevanshu.sajlan26@gmail.comDelhiPro bono LawyerYes
Avaantikaavaantikac@gmail.comDelhi, GurgaonPro bono lawyer and support groupYes
Dr. Vinti HealerA change.Org fellow working also in the area of gender sensitization and gender evaluative frameworks. Trained as a spiritual coach.Yes
Rajendra Deshprabhuhiggsboson08@gmail.comGoaStudentYes
Tammanna Auroratammanna_aurora@hotmail.comGoaPro bono LawyerYes
Saumya Baijalsaumyabaijal@gmail.comGurgaonSupporterI am a theatre artist and writer. I am very happy to use art to help create conversations, attempt to ease survivors.Yes
Rina chaturvedichaturvedirina61@gmail.comGurgaonPro bono LawyerYes
Ruchieka Dutt Sohtunruchiekaduttsohtun@gmail.comGuwahatiVolunteer, Student, Aspiring LawyerFlexible with North East IndiaYes
Sampurnasampurnasoc@gmail.comGuwahatiListener - a sociologist in training to look at gender and sexuality discoursesYes
Somoyita sursomoyita.sur@gmail.comBokakhat, Guwahati, siliguriResearch scholarExtremely eager to extend my help and support in any form and situationYes
Varsha Bhargavivarshabhargavi@gmail.comHyderabad#IWillGoOut Team Member#IWillGoOut Support team member and National Organiser from Hyderabad city in India. Can help filing cases with She Teams and Cyber Crime Cell in Telangana state.Yes
Apurva Vurityapurvavurity@gmail.comHyderabadSocial Worker/NGOYes
Dr. N. Indira Raninindira9@gmail.comHyderabadMental Health PractionerI give my support to the following Guidance, Referrals and support any kind of research to document evidence for policy advocacyYes
Gadha thachappillygadha.asha@gmail.comHyderabadMental Health PractionerStudentYes
Uma kesaniumakesani6@gmail.comHyderabadSocial Worker/NGOYes
Rashmitha ReddyRashmiwsa@gamil.comHyderabadSocial Worker/NGOYes
Mitushi sharmaMitushioasis@gmail.comHyderabadEMOTIONAL FREEDOM TECHNIQUE AND ENERGY EMOTIONS HEALERI am spiritual wellbeing healer and coach I would love to extend my help and supportYes
Asiya Khanasiyaahmedkhan@gmail.comHyderabadSocial Worker/NGORoshini NGO provides a good help line. You can call or visit their counsellor. 04066202000. Phone lines are open from 10 am to 5 pm.Yes
PRAVALIKAsabbavarapu.pravalika@gmail.comHyderabadSocial Worker/NGOYes
Aila Bandagiailabandagik@gmail.comHyderabadSupporter and survivor. Trained in psychology.Yes
Supriya Sikkasupriya.sikka@gmail.comHyderabadSupport GroupI'm available for moral support, to listen and to hold their hands.Yes
Sourya Banerjee@joebanerjeeHyderabadLegal aid
Sherley Dokiburra@Sherley_23HyderabadLawyer + legal aid
Arani Majumderarani.majumder@gmail.comHyderabadNon-certified counselor / healer / empathizerYes
Deeshna Aaa.deeshna@gmail.comHyderabadSupport GroupYes
Shruti Naikshruti.naik257@gmail.comHyderabadMental Health PractionerYes
Pooja Tripathidrpoojatripathi1902@gmail.comJabalpurMental Health PractionerI work with children who had been victims of abuseYes
Arpit Dubeyerarpitdubey@gmail.comJaipurSocial Worker/NGOI am very much willing to be a part of this campaignYes
Ridhimaa Chaudharyridhimaachaudhary@gmail.comJaipurMental Health PractionerI am a Psychotherapist, would love to be a part if thisYes
Medha kohliMedhakohli.2698@gmail.comJammuSocial Worker/NGOI can do counselling also.Yes
Diksha Andotrarajputdiksha340@gmail.comJammuSocial Worker/NGOYes
Preksha Jainburadpreksha@gmail.comJodhpurDancerYes
Mary Marlenaspankmeprankme@gmail.comKochiPro bono LawyerI am a lawyer. Contact me for any supportYes
sandhyasandhyageorge@yahoo.comKochiPro bono LawyerWomens right lawyerYes
Gemsy Maria Georgegemsymaria@gmail.comKochiMental Health PractionerYes
Smita Duttasmitad17@gmail.comKolkataSocial Worker/NGOI specialize in sexual harassment at workplace and sexual violenceYes
Hera Nafisnafishera@yahoo.comKolkataPro bono LawyerYes
Alisha Asifkeerat.asif@gmail.comLucknowSocial Worker/NGOYes
Rajika Mehrarajikamehra24@gmail.comLucknowCounsellorYes
Smriti Shuklasmriti90shukla@gmail.comLucknowPro bono LawyerYes
Romita Handaromita406@gmail.comLudhianaSocial Worker/NGOYes
Shilpashree JagannathanShilpajn@gmail.comMumbaiSocial Worker/NGOI am a resourceful person, my speciality lies in working with women communities.Yes
Aneree Parekhaneree92@gmail.comMumbaiMental Health PractionerYes
Varun Ramdasramdas.varun29@gmail.comMumbai, TrivandrumPro bono LawyerNot a litigation lawyer. Can also assist in Trivandrum and KeralaYes
Scherezade Sanchita Siobhanthetalkingcompass@gmail.comMumbaiMental Health PractionerI am a psychologist who focuses on trauma-informed therapy with a feminist and humanistic slant. I particularly welcome women and queer clients to reach out if they need help. For the #MeToo survivors, I am slashing all online therapy rates to half.Yes
Pankaj Bajajprajakshyabajaj@gmail.comMumbaiPro bono LawyerI wish to act Pro Bono in Sexual Harrasment Cases.Yes
Poulomi Daspoulomids41@gmail.comMumbaiSupport GroupYes
Dr Milan BalakrishnanDr.milanb@gmail.comMumbaiMental Health PractionerI am a Psychiatrist in South Mumbai areaYes
SIMRANsimranksms@gmail.comMumbaiSocial Worker/NGOYes
Sonali Dheersonali.dheer@gmail.comMumbaiLife coachYes
Rhea Mahulerhea911m@gmail.comMumbaiPranic HealerYes
Ojasojas086@gmail.comMumbaiSocial Worker/NGOYes
Aastha Vidhiaastha.vidhi31@gmail.comMumbaiPro bono LawyerYes
Zilika Jainzilikajain@gmail.comMumbaiMental Health PractionerYes
Subhaashini Ghoshsubhaashinighosh@gmail.comMumbaiReiki HealerYes
Priyanka Malipriyankamali555@gmail.comMumbaiPro bono LawyerYes
Adv Pankaj Bajajcheckmatelegalplay@gmail.comMumbaiPro bono LawyerYes
Mimansa Popatmimansap@hotmail.comMumbaiMental Health PractionerI use Integral Somatic Psychology in my work. Found it's tremendously useful with sexual abuse n trauma.i do groups and Trainings too.Yes
Sadaf vidhaSadaf.vidha@yahoo.inMumbaiCounsellorI take online and offline sessions, provide sliding scale and also just email therapy.Yes
Shweta Srinivasanshweta@themindclan.comMumbaiMental Health PractionerI'm a psychologist and my therapy style is informed by narrative practices, feminist, and humanistic approaches. Willing to offer discounts in session fees.Yes
Vandita Morarkavanditamorarka@gmail.comMumbaiSocial Worker/NGOOur organisation can provide therapy and legal services on a pay as you can basis.Yes
Shurbhi SharmaShurbhiwtpf@gmail.comMumbaiSocial Worker/NGOYes
Nilam Yogesh Lahotinilam.lahoti@gmail.comMumbaiHealth Care PractionerYes
Abha Talesaraabhatalesara@gmail.comMumbaiSupporter/Reiki HealerI am Queer. Identify as gender fluid pan sexual. I am full time research scholar and working on HIV and alternative medical system. I can try to listen people and practising reki healing and other meditation forms. And can fight back.anyway. sorry I alsoYes
Vanessa Vazvmv10@georgetown.eduMumbaiMuseum EducatorI support my friends who have faced this abuseYes
Aashraya Sethaashrayaseth@gmail.comMumbaiSocial Worker/NGOYes
Titiksha Mohantytitiksha94@gmail.comMumbaiPro bono LawyerYes
Shrirang Chaudharyshrirangchaudhary@gmail.comMumbaiSocial Worker/NGOYes
Kiranreach_kiranlakhani@yahoo.comMumbaiMental Health PractionerYes
Vishal AgarwalaVishalag121@gmail.comMumbaiReiki HealerYes
Koshika Krishna and Mallika Verma through SEHERseherlaw@gmail.comMumbaiPro bono LawyerKoshika Krishna is a final year law student who has worked for over a year in providing socio-legal support to victims of domestic and sexual abuse. Mallika Verma is a Bombay HC advocate who is currently working on helping survivors access justice through Majlis NGO, MUMBAI. She is an llm Graduate from APU 2018.Yes
Dharmesh pateldharmeshnpatel228@gmail.comMumbaiReiki HealerI can listen to people without judging them.Yes
Oshin Lambaoshinlamba28@gmail.comMumbaiSupport GroupYes
Shweta Sangtani@penguinHowlerMumbaiLawyer
Sangeeta Chakravorty@chakravortySMumbaiLawyer
@whisky_devilMumbaiLegal aid
Harish Gadappaharishgadappa@gmail.comMumbaiSocial Worker/NGOYes
Praneeta Kkatdarepraneeta@yahoo.comMumbaiMental Health PractionerYes
Rohit Agarwalrht1909@gmail.comMumbaiLaw studentI also volunteer for a suicide prevention helpline called Samaritans Mumbai, at, we offer emotional support to anyone who is distressed/depressed/suicidal. Please refer anyone who needs a listening service/emotional support to our helpline, thank you.Yes
SnehaJanaki Rameshreflectivearena@gmail.comMumbaiMental Health PractionerYes
Vikas Singhbeingvikas.singh@gmail.comMumbaiSocial Worker/NGOYes
Rucha Kulkarniruchakulkarni318@gmail.comMumbaiMental Health PractionerI have done master's in clinical psychology. I would like to work with this population.Yes
Sakshi Jainsakshijain516@gmail.comMumbaiCounsellorYes
Aditi Patkaraditipatkar1302@gmail.comMumbaiMental Health PractionerYes
Khadija Chopdawalakhadija0259@gmail.comMumbaiCounsellorYes
Malvika Vazalwarmalvika.vazalwar@gmail.comNagpurMeditation facilitator (for charge)1) I’m a Fellow and have been conducting free meditation sessions for emotional & mental well-being since 4 years and have reached over 700 people. 2) I’m willing to help as long as the sessions will be paid since I believe in a fair and just exchange. And I have gone through financial difficulties.Yes
Nehanehabhanot195@gmail.comNagpurHealth Care PractionerYes
Veera Mahuli@veeraMahuliNew DelhiLawyer
Karan Mathur@Kmat90New DelhiLawyer
Arushi@UnvakeelingNew DelhiLawyer
Gautam Bhatia@Gautambhatia88New DelhiLegal aid
AishwaryaN/ANew DelhiLawyer
Tahini Bhushan@TahiniBhushanNew DelhiLawyer + Aid
Alka Rawat@alkarawatindiaNew DelhiLegal aid
Prianca Rao@priankaRaonew DelhiLawyer + Aid
Vaibhav@VaibhavLawNew Delhi/noidaLawyer
Seema Mishraseemamishra3@gmail.comNoidaSocial Worker/NGOYes
Rakhi Sameer7251057057NoidaCounsellorYes
Shriya Bhasinshreyabhasin8@gmail.comNoidaJournalistYes
Abhimanyu Kulkarniemail.abhi90@gmail.comNoidaSupport GroupYes
Dr. Beena, KeralaMedical Doctor specialized in PathologyYes
Manisha AhujaManisha.ahuja14@gmail.comPanipat, Delhi NCRReiki HealerI am a school counselor as well as a reiki practioner. I can work in Panipat as well as Delhi NCR regions. I am also trained in distance reiki healing so can extend my help in other parts of the country as well.Yes
Ashna Asheshashnaashesh.92@gmail.comPatnaPro bono LawyerYes
Ashwini Dasguptaashwinisarah@gmail.comPuneHypnotherapist and trans-generational (systemic and family constellation therapy) resolutions facilitatorYes
Rohan Rodriguesmotivationalspa@gmail.comPuneMental Health PractionerYes
Sudhir Kumar SinghSudhir@bizstreet.bizPuneLife skill CoachOur LifeDekho life skills coaching interventions are based on original life coaching manual Bhagvad Gita As It Is and has helped many people so far.Yes
Aks Foundationks.foundation99@gmail.comPuneCrisis helplineWe will be able to provide some form of counselling support for the callers, and free legal advise.Yes
Sarabsrisarabsri@gmail.comPuneMindfulness Facilitator(UCLA MARC)www.sarabsri.comYes
Dr Nikhilanandnikhilanand.vm@gmail.comPuneMBA in Healthcare ManagementHave experience of working in hospital for 6 years.Yes
Garima Sharmagarimasharmapvr@gmail.comPunePro bono LawyerYes
Shrikrishna Kachave@ShrikrishnaSaysPuneLawyer
Bola Indiabolabreakthesilenceindia@gmail.comPuneSupport GroupYes
Dr. Amit Wadkardrwadkaramits@gmail.comPuneHealth Care PractionerYes
Janaki Visvanathjanaki.visvanath@gmail.comPuneSocial Worker/NGOSupport group and mental health practioner also. Founder, SHB Social Foundation, www.saathihaathbadhana.orgYes
Ms. Parveen MalhotraParveen.smalhotra@gmail.comPuneReiki HealerI am also a yoga teacher. My expertise is balancing through meditation.Yes
Amol Sableamol.sable@ubs.comPuneCounsellorYes
Meghna sachdevaMsachdeva55@gmail.comPuneReiki HealerYes
Shubhada - Muskaan Foundation for Child Protectionmuskaanforchildprotection@gmail.comPuneSocial Worker/NGOWe are NGO working since year 2000 for prevention and counseling of child sexual abuse .Yes
SunitaKumarisunita039@gmail.comRanchiSocial Worker/NGOYes
Umar Nisarthemashq@gmail.comSrinagarMediaYes
Dr.Aijaz Ahmad Bundhelp.humanity@riseup.netSrinagarSocial Worker/NGOI am a social worker, counsellor and trained EMDR practitioner. our organisation (sonzal welfare grust) is working for the well-being of gender and sexual minorties and male victims of sexual abuse. extending our every possible support for the victims of sexual violence.Yes
Esthappen, Human Rights Law Network 26 states in IndiaPro bono LawyerYou can contact me Esthappen S (Queer male) as the first point of contact for HRLN. I cordinate on gender and sexuality related cases for HRLN nationwide. we can provide legal aid to survivors in 26 states in the country. Please look at the website to know more.Yes
Pretheesh Bpretheeshvkla@gmail.comTrivandrumSupport GroupYes
Dr Shameem Aadrshameem@yahoo.comTrivandrumSupport GroupI myself is engaged in a legal fight. In many institutions ICC is not properly constituted. I would like to give awareness classes.Yes
Surabhila S GroupYes
Diya Chordiachordiadiya@gmail.comUdaipurSocial Worker/NGOYes
Swati SinghSwati.singh90260@gmail.comVaranasiSocial Worker/NGOI am also freelance writerYes
List of Lawyers who shared contacts with #IWillGoOut Team via email
NameTwitter handle/EmailCITYOffering
Veera Mahuli@veeraMahuliNew DelhiLawyer
Rutuja Shinde@HavaldarShindeMumbaiLawyer
Karan Mathur@Kmat90New DelhiLawyer
Arushi@UnvakeelingNew DelhiLawyer
Suhasini Rao@ChotaRaoSAhabDelhi/blr/puneLegal aid
Shweta Sangtani@penguinHowlerBombayLawyer
Shrikrishna Kachave@ShrikrishnaSaysPuneLawyer
Sourya Banerjee@joebanerjee souryabanerjee93@gmail.comAnywhere in IndiaLegal aid
Sangeeta Chakravorty@chakravortySBombayLawyer
Vaibhav@VaibhavLawNew Delhi/noidaLawyer
Gautam Bhatia@Gautambhatia88New DelhiLegal aid
Aishwaryaaishwarya.nabh17@gmail.comNew DelhiLawyer
Tahini Bhushan@TahiniBhushanNew DelhiLawyer + Aid
Alka Rawat@alkarawatindiaNew DelhiLegal aid
Prianka Rao@priankaRaonew DelhiLawyer + Aid
@whisky_devilMumbaiLegal aid
Sherley Dokiburra@Sherley_23HyderabadLawyer + legal aid
Vandita Morarka@vanditamorarka vanditamorarka@gmail.comMumbaiLegal aid + Mental Health
International Support Resources
Sangeetha Ramaswamygeets31@gmail.comAachen, GermanyInterested to contribute by lending a ear if someone wants to talkYes
Nikita Tulinikita.tuli189@gmail.comCurrently residing in AustraliaPsychologistI'm happy to help in whatever capacity I can. Can talk to my psychologists' colleagues back home for more support.Yes
Vassiki Chauhanchauhan.vassiki@gmail.comHanover, NH, USASupport GroupYes
Vaibhavi Arikarevulavaibhaviarikarevula@gmail.comBudapestI'm a student. But I'm willing to help out in any way I can.I'm not trained in anything, but support #MeTooIndia wholeheartedly and am willing to help in any way I can, stuff that all the experts can't do, because as I understand they have enough on their plate.Yes
Sanika Diwanjisanika.diwanji@gmail.comPuneA survivor. I think I can relate to someone's complex trauma and experience on a personal level. And having dealt with my trauma on my own for over 10 years I can give a few pearls of wisdom on how not to make the same mistakes in coping with guilt or trauma as I did.I'm currently out of India but would be available to communication via email and/or video calls at any pointYes
Mansi Dwivedimansid216@gmail.comEdinburghI am a Law student but I absolutely am willing to support the movement in any way I canYes
Mahima - moved here a month ago but I’m from PunjabSupport GroupYes
Darshana YorkPro bono LawyerI am in New York pursuing my masters, but I can offer legal advice over the phone and review any legal documents that survivors would like to me to look at.Yes
Laura Isabel Gómez Garcíalauragomezspain@hotmail.esValencia- SPAINFeminist and activistYes

Legal Help in Mumbai:

Legal Help in Delhi

Legal Help in Hyderabad

Legal Help in Punjab and Haryana


One of the lawyers, Veera Mahuli, based out of Delhi told The Quint that there are a lot of legal concerns that the victims might be grappling with, and that it is important to create a collective legal support system.

While all stories are variously disturbing and heartbreaking, not all fit within the legal framework of sexual harassment or assault, Veera says, so the alternatives to legal recourse and awareness regarding laws against sexual harassment will need to be explained.

“The pro bono services that they can offer will be streamlined as per their eligibility and willingness. It’ll help connect survivors to lawyers. This is not just about the movement that we’re now seeing, but the larger movement it will grow into, and seep into other professional fields etc.”
Veera Mahuli, Lawyer

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