‘No Woman Wants to be India’s Daughter’: Hyd Horror Sparks Outrage

“No one... wants to be India’s daughters,” writes actor Saloni Chopra in an Instagram post that has now gone viral. 

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‘No woman wants to be India’s f***ing daughter .’

That’s the war cry pulsing through social media timelines post the suspected rape and murder of a 26-year-old vet who was found at an underpass near Hyderabad on 28 November. She was on her way home, the previous evening, when two men waylaid her after deflating her bike’s tyre.

While four suspects have been arrested, a national outrage – across social media platforms – continues to question women’s safety in India. From Nirbhaya to this, have we made any headway at all, asks social media in unison.

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‘No One Wants to be India’s Daughter’

“She told her sister she was scared. Every woman in this country is scared. She wasn’t out drinking, she wasn’t making feminist statements about her t**s, she wasn’t wearing vulgar clothes, she followed all your f***ing rules and she is gone.”
Saloni Chopra, Actor
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It was Jyoti Singh, not Nirbhaya. You don’t know if she was fearless. She wasn’t fucking volunteering. Before people come up with a brave name for Priyanka Reddy’s life lost amongst the other women we have lost in the last 7 years, let me remind you, that no one - none of us, want to be India’s daughters. You wouldn’t want your daughter to be India’s daughter. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ “Educate the girl” people scream, cos THAT is feminism, hai na? Beti Bachao Beti Padhao... “make them Engineers & Doctors if you want equality, that’s feminism” - that’s feminism? Well your education couldn’t protect her. That god damn degree didn’t come with safety. It came with the same fucking life that women have been living for decades & centuries in this country - with no respect or dignity. Men are raised with ZERO education towards a woman, her body, her period, her humanity, her identity. Women are mothers & wives in this country, they aren’t individuals with jobs & identities. If Priyanka was a man, they would’ve robbed him & hit him and left. They wouldn’t have RAPED & BURNT HIM. Our men are deprived of sex and taught nothing about respecting the opposite sex REGARDLESS OF WHERE SHE IS AND WHAT SHE IS WEARING. We don’t want to talk about that... from the richest of families to the poorer ones, no one wants to talk about how our ‘culture & tradition’ suffocates & erases a woman’s identity & teaches men nothing about the opposite sex. We victim blame. We enable patriarchy. We slut shame & character strip the women that want to talk about a woman’s body to NORMALISE IT. So that every fucking pair of boobs & vagina doesn’t make you want to RAPE IT. It breaks my heart that the first thought I had was ‘why did they have to kill her... why couldn’t they just leave her after they raped her.’ Because you’re now lucky if you just live. Doctor Priyanka Reddy, was raped & burnt alive on her way back home yesterday at 9:30. She told her sister she was scared. Every woman in this country is scared. She wasn’t out drinking, she wasn’t making feminist statements about her tits, she wasn’t wearing vulgar clothes, she followed all your fucking rules and she is gone. #priyankareddy

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