If Atishi Were a Man

If Atishi Were a Man


Atishi Marlena maligned through a pamphlet. Who wrote it and for what purpose remains a speculation. But the question to be asked here is: will attacks against woman politicians over their reputation ever stop? Perhaps if they all became men! Here's a satirical take.

If Atishi Were Atish

Politician Atish Singh, who is contesting from the East Delhi constituency for the 2019 Lok Sabha Elections, is married to a Christian woman (i.e. supposedly a beef eater)

Now, if he were a woman, that would be a problem. But a male politician falling in love and getting married to someone from another religion? That’s alright. Because no male has ever been questioned about his family... or the question ki ghar pe kya banaa hai!

In his youth days, Mr. Atish worked as a primary school teacher in a small school in a remote village in Andhra Pradesh where he was caught ... doing nothing... because no one seemed to care about his ...virginity... at all!

We know Atish has no political background. That the only way he, a male, could get a shot at politics, was by sleeping his way to the top. But wait, what they actually mean is zzzzing his way to the top! After all, getting to the top is so very easy for a man.

Atish is not staying with his wife and needs other women to meet his needs ( but saanu ki.... he isn’t a woman that we will sit around judging him!)

Because guess what, as a man, Atish would only have to fight for his kursi. Because the battle for reputations is purely restricted to the women!

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