Apple vs Google: So, What Is the Right Way to Eat a Burger?

It’s the burning issue of our time: is the cheese placed above the patty or below it in a burger? 

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“The right burger can save the world.”

We are reporting LIVE from the Google headquarters where the situation has gotten really tense after the burger aficionado community raised serious concerns about the company’s emoji game and the portrayal of burgers in its emojis.

According to sources, the R&D team is under a lot of pressure after CEO Sundar Pichai confirmed that ‘the alignment of cheese’ in their burger emoji was of the highest priority.

The matter came under the public scanner when writer and publisher (and Burger connoisseur) Thomas Baekdal did a ‘cheesy’ expose on the two technology companies confusing customers with their two different burger emojis.

While Google’s emoji has the cheese layer after the meat patty, Apple tops its meat patty and has the cheese slice after.


Apple VS Google: Who Got The Right Burger Emoji?

No sooner was the matter discussed that it became a burning debate on Twitter. While left wing burger heads took the stance that the burger had the freedom to decide, right wing burger heads loudly proclaimed that they will make burgers great again.

As is usually the case, the online debate did not give us any substantial answer. And the the placement of the cheese layer still remains an unresolved, major issue of our times.


Vegetarians Demand Their Own Burger Emoji

Meanwhile, vegetarians called out the blatant show of discrimination by the software companies against their community, with the spokesperson, Mr Lettuce Datta saying that they too had the right to an all veg Burger Emoji option!

Where’s India, Bro?

How could India be left behind in this debate? A fellow desi had this suggestion to make.

The Internet gave him a standing ovation for this and of course, 26 retweets!


To Cheese or Not to Cheese

To get to the crux of the matter we reached out to a global Burger expert, Mr Bacon Fry on what is the right way to do burgers. He responded with a dry, “No comments”.

But Uncle Blob from Twitter did show us the way forward by bringing to our attention the best practices of the company Huawei.

While experts research the best way to place the cheese in a burger, we call upon companies like Apple, Microsoft, Samsung and Google to focus more on this issue. After all, the common man has the right to an accurate burger emoji.

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