Why India’s 10 Year Challenge is a TragiComedy
Why India’s 10 Year Challenge is a TragiComedy

Why India’s 10 Year Challenge is a TragiComedy

Are you already irritated seeing the bombardment of posts on the #10yearchallenge? Relax, we are offering you something else along with it: a parody of the times we live in.

How Presidential!

Great Eggspectations?

Don’t underestimate the power of the Internet to make even a humble egg into an internet sensation.

It’s Getting Hot in Here

Are you a Millennial Taking the Challenge? No Offence!

But Could They All Be Lab Rats?

While all the fun seems harmless, some are pointing out that the 10 year challenge could be a way to collect tons of data for a facial recognition algorithm, to make social media platforms like Facebook even more richer and powerful.

Hey, that sucks. But the 10 year challenge we have created on behalf of our Indian friends is certainly not something that Zuckerberg and Co. can greatly benefit from. But one thing we can guarantee: that they are all painfully real.

India’s 10 Year Challenge: A Tragi-Comedy

Dear 1000 rupee note, rest in peace.

Move over Mt. Everest, India is soon going to be setting a world record for its own Mount Kachra.

From Doordarshan and dil to Netflix and Chill.

Winning in games, but losing in life.

Sigh, the search for acche din remains constant.

And so does this....

Sorry MDH uncle, we love you and wish you more cool ad appearances in life!

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