Burger King Mocks Mc Donald’s Happy Meal With Its Sad Meals!
No one is happy all the time and isn’t that true?
No one is happy all the time and isn’t that true?Image: Twitter

Burger King Mocks Mc Donald’s Happy Meal With Its Sad Meals!

The cheeseburger that you nibble at 3 am just after an hour long breakdown is definitely not a celebratory meal. Burger King’s recent launch of ‘Real Meals’ is their own creative way to say “There there, champ. This too shall pass!” and their regular consumers it seems, can’t get enough.

The Real Meal introduced by Burger King includes:

  • Pissed Meal for the times you are really annoyed.
  • Salty Meal for those heavy grudge-bearing times.
  • Blue Meal for when you are unconsolably sad (or are listening to Everybody Hurts by R.E.M. on loop)
  • Yaaas Meal for when you cannot just contain your excitement
  • DGAF Meal for when you do not give.... Well, this is quite self-explanatory.

What it also includes is a whole lot of opinions and mixed feelings from the Twitter followers of Burger King. Let’s see what they have to say.

It is almost fictitious for someone to be happy all the time which is completely alright. One cannot shove away their constant problems just to be seen as being positive always.

And the advertising video for ‘Real Meal’ by Burger King brings to light mental health issues, while also speaking of serious problems like bullying, the perils of student loans, dating issues, being a young single mother, etc. However, many on social media have been quick to point out how this is nothing but a capitalist ploy by Burger King and that this will not achieve anything tangible for the cause of mental health.

But here’s the thing to be noted: these meals have not been launched in India yet.

Apart from its take on mental health, we also could not help but notice a cute little jibe that Burger King pulled on their rival, McDonalds. McDonalds’ very famous happy meal appears to be mocked in the poster for Real Meals, which subtly mentions, ‘No one is happy all the time’ with the word ‘Happy’ in main focus.

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