Me, The Change: Meet Shweta Borgaonkar, An Animal Rights Activist

Me, The Change: Meet Shweta Borgaonkar, An Animal Rights Activist

Me, The Change

Do you know a young woman who will vote for the first time in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections? Is she in the 18-24 age group? Has she done something out of the ordinary? Then tell us about her! As part of The Quint’s ‘Me, The Change’ campaign, we are looking for young women achievers.

Shweta Borgaonkar from Pune dreams of a world where every animal is safe. She isn’t just waiting around for this to happen; she’s fighting for it. The 18-year-old is the Organiser for an animal rights group and an international network of activists called Direct Action Everywhere (DxE).

Borgaonkar was responsible for organising Pune’s first Animal Liberation March and has led several protests for the cause. Her work was so impressive that she was invited by DxE US to attend the Animal Liberation Conference 2018, where she was able to gain momentum to fight for animal rights. As a vegan, Borgaonkar has been trying to influence others and believes that she can win the battle.

Watch the video to know more about Borgaonkar and her work.

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Me, The Change

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